Monday, 13 November 2017

Celebrating the re-release of Necromunda... sticking two fingers up at GW and playing the original version of the game with the models we painted 20 years ago!

No, Games Workshop, we do not forgive you for what you did to the Warhammer World.

Anyway, Matt and I threw together two gangs and played what was hopefully the first game in a campaign. We went for a simple Gang Skirmish so that we could get to grips with the rules again.

Matt’s Ratskins deployed in cover and aimed to sneak up close where they could bring their pistols, mauls and freaky spirit magic to bear.

The Orlocks lay in wait with Heavy Stubber primed. I was hoping to gun the Ratskins down before they got too close.

My first volley sent Matt’s snipers tumbling, stalling his advance.

A well ordered firing line, and some really good dice rolling, kept the Ratskins pinned, wounding the Chief and the Shaman in quick succession, although one by one the Orlocks ran out of ammo.

Ammo rolls! Remember those?

Despite taking some fire in return, clear lines of sight stopped the Ratskins in their tracks.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the board, my assault team tried to avoid the attentions of autoguns on overwatch. 

Overwatch. Remember that?

Eventually, I brought my heavy stubber out to play and sustained fire inflicted five hits on two cowering Braves.

Sustained fire dice! Remember those?

Matt had already survived a number of bottle rolls, and eventually put two of my gang out of action. However, when my Flamer finally managed to unload, the pressure (and smell of singed flesh) was too much and the Ratskins bottled.

In the post battle sequence nobody died, or was even seriously injured. Some new skills were earned, Hudson (my shotgun guy) gained an extra attack, and a few rare items were bought.

All in all it was a wonderfully nostalgic trip back to a set of rules which frankly still hold up well. Many modern sets of rules are so fiddly that the preclude casual play, whereas Necromunda was built for casual play, and a campaign doesn’t need to be intensive.

We do need some more terrain as it was a bit of a shooting gallery and that was definitely to my advantage. However, more terrain could be bad news as Pete has muttered about breaking out his Spyrers!

More to come...


  1. Great trip down memory lane, Kieron. I never ventured down the original "Necromunda" path; albeit I have at some point bought the rules. I do plan on purchasing the new version, but I guess the entire point of this post was to show no-one need to - and its makes that point very well indedd, imho. looking forward to more and perhaps a Ratskin return :-)

    1. To be honest, the new version looks remarkably similar to the old. The stat lines are a bit different and it’s alternate activation, but them mechanics are largely the same. The new stuff seems nice, but I can’t justify the cost, I I just can’t face multi-part plastic sets these days.

  2. I’ve got a couple of gangs knocking about and I downloaded the rules from somewhere. I used to love this game, thanks for reigniting the love for it -something GW isn’t doing! (Yes I don’t forgive them either...)

    1. Glad to be of help. :)

      It genuinely was a nostalgic trip down memory lane. I even used the same names that I first used.

  3. A big thumbs-up from me! :-)
    Games Workshop went downhill in my esteem way back when they changed White Dwarf from a general fantasy publication into their own 'house magazine'. They've sunk to even greater depths in recent years with their ruthless marketing strategies.
    Thank heavens the Oldhammer movement is growing and keeping the good stuff that GW cast aside going strong :-)

    1. They seem a bit better these days, but they simply don’t have anything I want except paint. I’m also not a fan of needing to buy several expansions to get the full rules - as they’ve done with Bloodbowl.

      There’s too much good competition these days for me to put up with that kind of arrangement.

  4. That looks like great fun, I definitely need to force my old Necromunda playing mates to meet up to play it again - got the yearning again.
    I do kind of get what you were saying - new edition of Bloodbowl has been great, because they changed very little and the models are actually an improvement. New necromunda, however? Completely different rules, models don't look that improved, completely new equipment and to make it worse the facebook group has gone from inspiring scenery and models to bickering about best gang builds/what GW should have done etc.
    Unless I am mega impressed by the new game, I will stick to my old copy.
    Great looking game and I am very jealous of you for being able to get a game in!

    1. That competitive thing is something I’m increasingly not interested in as it misses the fun of losing. The most memorable games were when your gang got mown down in two turns, you lost three guys killed and to add insult to injury you go outlawed for good measure and lost all your territories.

  5. Awesome mate. Terrain especially with a bit of height I think would be good. Perhaps use some of your batman terrain for it?