Friday, 23 February 2018

He-Month: Who has the power?

I like He-Man. I like Skeletor. But which one is best?

There’s only one way to find out...


After a furious month of painting, I now have enough Masters of the Universe Miniatures for a decent game, some rules to use and even a little terrain. So yesterday, my daughter and I gave them all a run out in a 7TV Battle scenario.

The forces were as follows:


Evil Lyn 
Beast Man
Wolf Bats

The objectives of the scenario were simple:
1. Grab as many objective counters as possible.
2. Grab the maguffin from the temple and keep hold of it.
3. Destroy the opposition.

Terrain is still a little sparse, but here’s the initial set up.

The Heroic Warriors took the first turn, with Teela wasting no time and grabbing an early VP, taking a scouting position on the hill and spotting the Evil Warriors coming.

Prince Adam also gained a VP by popping behind a wall to change into He-Man (there’s no rules for this, we just came up with reasons for the objective markers as we grabbed them). Meanwhile, Orko got a little overexcited and rushed headlong towards the maguffin, whilst Man-at-Arms used his Magni-Binox to snap off a long ranged shot at Mer-Man with his wrist lasers, but unfortunately missed (as he would continue to do throughout the battle).

Evil Lyn outflanked the heroes when she emerged unseen from behind a statue (gaining a VP).

Beast Man ran and climbed up the temple sides to confront a terrified Orko ober the maguffin.

Skeletor and Mer-Man advanced menacingly, scoring a VP as Skeletor sprung his trap and released his Alien Virus, weakening not only the heroes, but also most of his own minions. Much evil laughter was heard.

The Wolf-Bats flew up in support of Evil Lyn.

Taking advantage of the fact that Skeletor’s over-acting was distracting both him and Mer-Man, He-Man rushed bravely into combat with the Overlord of Evil and the Undersea Warlord, whilst Man-At-Arms provided cover for Orko to flee with the maguffin by firing at Beast Man. Teela moved up to protect the Trollan wizard.

With his master momentarily overwhelmed by the most powerful man in the universe, Beast Man leapt down the steps to brawl with Man-At-Arms.

Evil Lyn, ever one to capitalise on Skeletor’s errors, saw the opportunity to grab the maguffin for herself and fired her eldritch flames at Teela, but to no effect. However, to prevent Orko escaping, she sent the Wolf Bats behind the pair. They were trapped!

However, Evil Lyn had not counted on Teela, and the Captain of the Guard demonstrated her feisty approach to problem solving by cutting down some of the Wolf-Bats, driving the flock away, allowing Orko to fly to safety.

Man-At-Arm’s continued to tussle with Beast Man, whilst He-Man rained blow after blow on Skeletor in a burst of action. Weakened and  wounded, the Lord of Snake Mountain looked ready to fall.

Orko took advantage of the escape route Teela had created and went to hide behind a wall.

Skeletor was not beaten, and he sucker punched He-Man with his Havoc Staff, stunning him. This allowed Skeletor and Mer-Man to pummel He-Man into unconsciousness. The heroes were in trouble.

With He-Man out of action, Man-at-Arms realised he’d be next and risked turning his back on Beast Man to prevent himself from being overwhelmed. Teela, looking to see where Orko had gone, was unaware of the dire situation as Evil Lyn snuck up on her.

Realising that he was much too close to the action, Orko flew off to hide behind a hill instead.

With the maguffin out of reach, Skeletor decided that simply crushing his opponents would have to do.

He dispatched his minions to deal with Teela and Man-at-Arms.

Man-at-Arms continued to get the worst of his fight with Beast Man. Things were looking grim.

Evil Lyn found Orko’s hiding place. Things were looking worse than grim. It was looking like a gritty Netflix reboot! Weren’t these bad guys supposed to be incompetent?

Suddenly remembering that it’s the eighties, Beast Man rushed off away from the action for no apparent reason other than to take some pressure off the beleaguered heroes.

However, Skeletor liked the idea of winning for once (and possibly getting an even grittier spin off worked for the Punisher) and immediately called Beast Man back for a final assault on Man-at-Arms, taking him out of the fight too.

But all was not lost. Orko managed to slip from Evil Lyn’s grasp and escape once more, and Teela was still fighting...

...and fight she did, battering down Mer-Man, allowing her and Orko to flee with the maguffin. She had to hope that He-Man would be able to save himself and her father when he came round. After all, he always had done before...

Phew! A close battle, and an even closer result. Skeletor has picked up 7 victory points, 2 from objectives, 5 from taking out He-Man and Man-at-Arm’s. The good guys however had also got 2 objectives and Orko had been carrying the Neutron Funnel gadget, which gave him another 2 victory points. That made the score 7-4 before the maguffin was added.

We worked out that according to the victory conditions, when the d6 was rolled, a 1 would mean victory for the forces of evil, 2-4 would see us draw, and a 5 or 6 would somehow hand victory to the battered defenders of Castle Grayskull.

Have a look at the next picture, and have a guess at what happened...

The game was great fun and took me back to my childhood instantly. Generally the characters performed as they should and so I’m happy with the profiles, but Beast Man didn’t really need both Jump and Climb so I’ve replaced Jump with the Roar trait; in the 2002 cartoon he roars a lot.

He-Man was a bit disappointing, mainly because he had to run into combat where he became outnumbered, and so I’ve also made some changes to him. I’ve replaced Lucky with Parry to make him harder to hurt in close combat, and also replaced his Sword attack with the ability to hurl handy nearby boulders. This should mean that he doesn’t have to rush headlong into danger too soon to be useful. And before you ask why he now doesn’t have a sword attack, well it’s because he never actually hit anybody with his sword...ever.

We also spotted a few typos I’d missed. The updated cards are now in the original rules post.

The only other thing this game needed was a name for the maguffin, but I have plans for that.

All that remains is for He-Man to give us the obligatory safety message at the end of the show.

“Today, I ended up getting hurt by rushing into a situation alone, thinking I could deal with it all by myself when I had friends around who could have helped me out. Remember, the next time you face a tricky situation, like you’re having trouble with your schoolwork, just ask yourself, “could my friends help me out?” You’ll usually find that they can, and they will. Until next time...”


  1. Most excellent! I particularly like the safety message at the end.

    1. Thanks. I was grinning from ear to ear whilst writing it. Needless to say, all my MotU battle reports will now have one.

  2. That safety message had me in stitches! What a fantastic game!

  3. Awesome report dude loved it. Table and figures all look fabulous!

    1. Thanks, but let’s be honest, the table needs work.

  4. Awesome battle report. :)

    And like others, I love the PSA. :)

    1. Sadly, out of everything I’ve done this month, that paragraph has received the most positive feedback.

    2. Oh, the figures look great too. ;)

  5. Brilliant, well worth the wait (of a couple of

    1. Thanks. I’m really quite pleased to have gone from nothing to a decent sized game in just a couple of weeks.