Saturday, 28 April 2018

Terminator: Rise of the Resistance


It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Sorry for the hiatus, but real life has got in the way of painting and blogging recently. There have been some exciting developments, which will pop up on here soon, but for now, here’s a battle report of a Terminator game Matt and I played yesterday.

I ran the Resistance and used almost everything I currently have, Matt was Skynet and took the opportunity to play with toys that hadn’t hit the table yet, such as an Infiltrator and a Hunter-Killer gunship.

The scenario was Demolition and I was the defender, desperately trying to stop the relentless march of the Machines towards their objectives.

The Resistance await oncoming storm.

A Hunter Killer swoops low over the battlefield to deliver its payload of T-800s.

An infiltrator is revealed, but stopped short of its target by a well placed shotgun shell.

The HK harasses the Resistance with impunity.

A reeling Terminator sparks an unexpected attack on the right.

On the right, there’s a desperate scramble as every gun is brought to near on the last machine standing.

The game actually ended up as a draw, as Matt was able to destroy three of the objectives, however, there was little I could have done to prevent this as they were close to his lines. I struggled to deal with the HK, but it was only able to vaporise one Msn per turn, it wasn’t that much of a problem.

Perhaps the key moment of the game was me bringing down the infiltrator, as that meant Matt had a hard slog with his small force to reach the fourth objectives he needed to win. I also got lucky with Matt failing three resolution tests (rolling a 1 on a d20), removing half of his fighting force.

We played a second game, which for some reason I didn’t photograph, in which I played the Terminators and got thoroughly disassembled.

In both games, we felt that the Resistance were easily able to contain the Terminators as on a small board, without lots of terrain blocking lines of sight, they found it easy to bring their weight of numbers to bear. If you roll enough dice, some will eventually come up in your favour.

However, it remains a good light hearted game which effectively evokes the sense of the films, with humanity firing off everything they’ve got, and the machines relentlessly marching forwards.

Are there going to be more games of Terminator: Genysis?


I’ll be back.


  1. I’ve been reading the rules and I think I know how Skynet has been going wrong... things may be about to get very tough for the resistance!

    1. I might have to try this ‘reading the rules’ thing. It seems to be this season’s trend.

  2. lol Pun intended eh! Nice report mate.