Sunday, 6 May 2018

When the evil Shredder attacks...

An opportunity arose for me to play Matt at 7TV as he’s recently bought the boxed set and fancied a game. He gave me the choice of what setting to use, and as my Foot Clan has never hit the table in anger, it was time for them to face down the Turtles.

We played 40 ratings (they’re was a little bit of padding in the Foot cast) using the Race scenario, and the casts were as follows:

Splinter, sensei 
Leonardo, leads
Donatello, does machines 
Raphael, cool but crude
Michelangelo, party dude
Casey Jones, vigilante 
April O’Neil, reporter
Bystander, standing by

Shredder, evil
Baxter Stockman, fly guy
Rocksteady, horny
Bebop, bit of a pig
Foot Clan Leader, leads the Foot Clan
5 Foot Clan Ninjas, turtle food
3 Scientists, making up the numbers

The Foot Clan enter the scene en masse.

Baxter Stockman buzzes around on his own.

The Foot Clan R&D team are up to something.

The Turtles have brought all their allies to this fight, even Steve, their accountant.

Leonardo plan to infiltrate earlier in the night means he’s already searching for the container of mutagen dropped by a Krang stealth ship.

Raph and Donnie are also out and about searching too.

Casey Jones is sneaking about ready to bring justice to any evildoers who turn up.

The R&D department strikes! They use a prototype teleporter to search for the mutagen on the rooftops.

Sensing the Turtles in the vicinity, the Foot Clan surge down the road, intent on using numbers to their advantage.

Baxter Stockman flies off to search for the mutagen alone.

However, he’s beaten to his goal by Leonardo’s use of one of Donatello’s inventions...a jet pack. Buzz buzz!

After Raph finally finds the mutagen, the Turtles rush towards the massed ninjas to confront them.

Suddenly, the R&D team use their teleporter to switch Professor von Trickpony with Casey Jones and unleash a sleep spray on Splinter, rendering him unconscious and vulnerable to the Foot Clan’s attacks.

The ninjas swarm the Turtles, but Donatello does a stirling job of weathering their attacks.

A frustrated Casey can only watch on from the rooftops.

Shredder seizes the initiative and the Foot Clan presses its advantage.

Shredder joins the assault on Donatello, who eventually succumbs to the evil ninjutsu master.

Raphael manages to fight back and take down Rocksteady and a ninja.

Things look bad for the Turtles. Splinter and Donnie are down, and Bebop is threatening to break through to April and Steve the accountant.

Raphael interposed himself between Bebop and April, who is probably recording all this.

Cowabunga! Mikey strikes, unleashing a knock out gas of his own (anchovy, egg and peanut butter pizza breath), weakening the Foot.

Casey drops from the rooftop. It’s payback time, as the Turtles seize the initiative right back.

A vicious slap shot renders the professor unconscious. Goal!

Mikey skates clear of danger to finish his pizza, whilst Leonardo arrives on the scene to lend his katanas to the fight.

Leo’s katanas clear two of the ninjas and seriously injure the Shredder. That was for Splinter!

Whilst Leo faces down the Shredder, Raph takes out Bebop.

Casey leaps in to attack Shredder from behind and Raph chews through the ninja hordes. The Foot Clan are thin on the ground and look ready to break.

Shredder’s threats keep his men in the fight, and he leads by example, taking out both Casey and Leo.

Only Raph and Mikey still stand against the Foot, but Shredder is injured, the ninjas are almost all gone, the Professor is unconscious, and Baxter Stockman is a coward.

Shredder orders the retreat.

The game actually ended in a 12-12 draw due to Matt getting an unlucky roll of a 1 for the maguffin. It was a brutal fight, and I briefly thought I’d win when I managed to ambush Splinter with the sleep spray and seized the initiative to put Donatello out of action.

However, the Turtles are tough, and Raphael’s fight back ability was pretty much taking down everybody who attacked him, and so the numbers evened out pretty quickly. The Shredder is a beast in combat, but his weak point is his rather squishy underlings, and insane confidence means he’s more likely to run when his cast is axed.

As ever, I got a bucketload of rules wrong in the first couple of turns, I really need to play this game more regularly.

As a side note, if 7TV catches your interest from my blog reports, Crooked Dice is currently running a Kickstarter campaign for their new folk horror range and programme guide, Children of the Fields (think The Wicker Man meets The Devil Rides Out meet The League of Gentlemen). It’s a fantastic way to get into this excellent rule set.

Go and back it!


  1. Fabulous report mate. Looks awesome! Certainly backing the kickstarter just for the ace looking minis!

    1. Thanks. Me too, although I do really need a plan for what I’m getting.

  2. Excellent report. :)

    Surprised you didn't go Comic Life for it. :)

    1. I would have done, only doing it this way is faster and allows me to not worry about getting something painted this weekend.

  3. Great report! Man I love a good TMNT yarn ๐Ÿ˜Š

    1. It played quite like an episode of TMNT, with Splinter taken out early to force the Turtles to come up with a solution without him, and each of them playing their part.

  4. How much fun was that! It looked amazing and a close result in the end.

    1. Thanks. It was fun, but I did forget A LOT of rules.

  5. Nicely done on the batrep and it looks like a lot of fun too :)