Sunday, 17 January 2016

Stepping on the Gas

The last time I put paint on a model was just after Christmas. I've been struggling with motivation.

I've also been accutely aware that I said I'd continue to set targets. However I've not known what to work on.

This has now changed!

I've signed up for another Batman tournament in March and I want to take my fully fledged Joker crew out for a spin. I can already field 350 rep if I use free agents and Blackgates, but I've figured that this is a good way to get back into target driven painting.

So, my goal for what remains of January is to complete the Joker crew models I own that remain unpainted.

These include:
- 2 Joker Gas Cannister Objectives
- Titan Joker
- Titan Clown
- Ringmaster (being converted into something else)

First up, the Gas Objectives.

I've kept the work on these simple to ease myself in and score an easy win. I could have put something on the side of the canisters, and I may yet add that later, but they'll do go now.

In game these are great for weakening opponents early as models within 10cm need to test to avoid taking damage. They're not so good against enemy elites, and Joker's men can also take damage, but at the very least, they should force my opponents to spread out, making them easier to pick off.

So, first bit done. On to the big boys.

2016 lead pile count: 
Acquired - 0
Painted - 2


  1. Nice and simple, and you are off the mark - well done sir. :)

  2. They look terrific Kieron. I'm hoping to get into "Batman" at some point this year, and run with a Joker Gang, so these'll be an essential purchase of mine, and this posting one of the ones I'll be returning to as a reference. Thanks :-)

    1. Glad to be of assistance. The game is worth taking time to learn.

  3. I was a little disappointed at the lack of detail on the various gas canisters. I do like the colour of green you've chosen.

    1. There were similar complaints about the Titan Containers. They seem a bit like a missed opportunity. I'm not a massive fan of these models, but the rules are fun.

  4. Job done, love the yellowing teeth.

    1. Thanks. Nothing clever, just bone with a wash.

  5. Seen similar comments elsewhere about the models not really having good value... Seems like something I would kitbash.

    However, with the colour of green you've chosen, I feel a yellow, red or white decal could really make it pop, and the shape should suit decals really well. It would be a _very_ quick step for high reward.

    Almost everyone has a standard marine sheet
    The vehicle sheets also have hazard stripes that could work well too.

    Here's some examples I've used for my deadzone accessories - part 1, part 2

    1. That's a great point. I think I do have some old 40k transfers somewhere.

      I was thinking of a hazardous symbol, but something a bit less obvious might be cool.

    2. skulls, lightning bolts, arrows, they can all fit and make it pop very easily.

  6. Lovely job! Simple for the win! I have been painting crates this week in order to at least achieve something lol