Sunday, 16 December 2018


A little bit of departure for me this week, as I’ve been distracted from my more usual painting project by something that goes to the very heart of the Cheaphammer ideology.

Free stuff!

These are a pair of German Schnellboots that were free with my monthly subscription to Wargames Illustrated magazine. Each copy of last month’s issue came with either two of these or two British MTBs for use with Warlord’s new naval game, Cruel Seas.

Above is an S-38 E Boat, was a large, yet surprisingly fast, whose primary armaments were torpedoes.

Below is the upgraded S-100 E Boat, which had more armour (especially around the bridge) and additional deck mounted weapons in the middle of the craft.

Both of these boats were quick and fairly easy to paint, although I wasn’t in a rush as I don’t have the rules, any proper terrain (the pictures show a hill on one of my wife’s scarves) or somebody to play against. 

However, something about them caught my imagination. Perhaps it’s because their name includes two of the four words of war-movie-German that I knew: “schnell” and “boot” (the other words being “halt” and “schweinehund”).

As I was putting the finishing touches to the Schnellboots on Friday, imagine my surprise when next month’s issue of Wargames Illustrated popped through the door early (no doubt trying to avoid the Christmas post) with yet more freebies for Cruel Seas, a sprue of sixteen launched torpedo markers.

I had hoped to get the American PT Boats instead, but in retrospect, the torpedoes are perhaps more useful, as it means that if I decide to get into Cruel Seas, I can potentially not buy the starter set and just buy a fleet box and rulebook, as the torpedoes currently only come in the starter.

This should actually save money in the long run, as I’d probably want to get the fleet box anyway. Combined with the discount I would get from picking up Cruel Seas at Outpost Games starting a new game could work out not being as expensive it might appear.

From what I’ve seen, Cruel Seas looks to be a quick and enjoyable game that seems to evoke both Bolt Action and Dropfleet Commander, both games that I enjoy. We shall see whether anything comes of this.


  1. Yeah, the paint looks great, and the Hill and scarf is just the way I do terrain too. Hope it works out how you want!

    1. Thanks. I don’t know if it’s something we’ll start playing, but there’s no harm done if we don’t.

  2. Great paintjob! The pictures tell me to start some naval tabletop stuff some day...

    1. Thanks. That’s what happened to me, I’ve not had any real desire to play something naval, and then it just started calling.

      It’ll probably pass...probably...

  3. Nice mate. I have just put my Vospers and Schnellboots together.

    1. I look forward to seeing how yours come out.