Sunday 1 September 2013

U.S. Combat Engineers

These are the first models I've painted since June. A platoons of American Combat Engineers. I got the models from Bill in trade for some Normans I wasn't going to use and have managed to squeeze the Combat Engineers, a Recce Platoon and hopefully an objective out of what Bill gave me and feel that I'm still holding true to the core principles of 'Cheaphammer'.

The Full Platoon

You might recognise that the Bazooka team has been drafted over from the Recce Platoon, as frankly, it will be more use here. There's also the small inaccuracy of the fact that the unit has a supply handcart rather than a truck. This is partly because I haven't got any trucks yet, but also because I had the model and painting it allows me to field the unit as Airborne Engineers in the interim as I did against Wayne last week.

Platoon Command and the Supply Handcart

One of the pleasant surprises I've found with Flames of War is that I really enjoy doing infantry. It's a surprise because I was initially very wary of 15mm infantry. Conversely, I struggle with the tanks, despite expecting the otherwise. I find that single colour tanks like the Americans are dull to paint and don't really come to life, and the more complex camo schemes (such as the Germans) scare the pant off me.

LMG Stands (absolutely no use against Panzer Pete)

I'm painting my Americans in my attempt at their Mid-War uniform and I'm being careful to only use units that can appear in both Mid and Late War, hence I shall not be using the adamantium-plated laser tanks from Blood,Guts and Glory, but will struggle on with my humble M4A1's. I still have a platoon of Armoured Rilfes to put together (I need to buy the Half-Tracks too) and I'm considering getting a couple of M10 Tank Destroyers (Lasers? Yes. Adamantium plated? Most definitely not. Romulan cloaking device? Absolutely!).