Sunday 24 September 2023

Optional Extras

Despite all the Blood Angels I've painted recently, I still had a sprue of 5 models to decide what to do with. 

I also have quite a few bits to play with from the Land Raider Spartan sprues which might end up providing some answers for the spare Marines.

For now, I've kept this separate as I've done one element from each sprue.

First up is an apothecary to accompany one of my Tactical Squads, probably the large footslogging one as the additional save he provides might offer more bang for its buck.

You might notice he's looking a bit aggressive for a medic. This is for two reasons: firstly, Blood Angels; secondly, the Blood Angels rules allow me to give perdition weapons (suped-up power weapons) to characters, including Apothecaries, and it seemed rude not to.

As such he'll add a bit of both defence and offence to the squad he joins.

The narthecium (sleeve thing with the needle and chainsaw) and backpack were kindly 3d printed by Pete and make it clear what his battlefield role is. 

I didn't have a shoulder pad with the Apothecarion symbol on, so I made do with painting a studded pad and one with raised insignia (as I'm out of transfers) white.

This has made the model look more than a little like a Blood Raven, but I'm glad I opted not to go for completely white as my pot of White Scar has got a bit gloopy and needs replacing.

For the Spartan I've painted up a Havoc Launcher to sit where the hatch goes, giving me the option to add even more firepower and points to my big red priority target.

I'm looking at putting together other pintle mounted options once I've decided whether I'm going to use the bits elsewhere. However, I now actually have a reason for ensuring that the assault ramp opens as it allows me to keep the spare bits somewhere safe.

Acquired: 83
Painted: 229
Lead Mountain: 456

P.S. No, I'm not counting the Havoc Launcher as a separate model.

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