Sunday 10 September 2023


As I've mentioned previously, I've generally faced two major obstacles in my games of Horus Heresy against Pete:

  1. I am outgunned, particularly in the Lascannon department,
  2. I often struggle to get across the board and into combat quickly enough, especially with my Terminators.
Two problems, one solution...

The Land Raider Spartan brings not only the capacity to get a full 10 man squad of slow moving Terminators into the enemy's face early doors, this one is bristling with five twin-linked Lascannons, enough to give any enemy unit pause.

Yes, I know that this beast is going to have a massive bullseye on its hull in every game, but Spartans are hard to kill* and every shot fired at it is not killing something else.

Although big, in fact it's the biggest kit I've built, the model goes together really well, with the engineering being so good that piece slotted together with little to no fuss. 

There are even moving parts: the sponson guns, hull guns and assault ramp, and plenty of options. I've opted not to bother magnetising the hull guns (of which there are 3 choices) but I have left the top hatch detachable so that I can add some pintle mounted weapons if I choose to.

Painting was fairly straightforward and not particularly clever as I continue to try to match models I painted some time ago. I did have an issue with the Mephiston Red spray I used in that it clumped and cracked in places.

It's most noticeable on the front hatch, but it actually helps make this brand new kit match with the Rhinos and Predator that have had so much paint on them over the years they should get an extra point of armour.

I'm really pleased how it's turned out and it has made me want to built paint some more vehicles for the game even though the Blood Angels really should focus on infantry and close combat.

I'm particularly tempted to get a Land Raider Proteus, which could find double use in 40k Second Edition.

All that remains is for me to use it in anger. As things stand there is the slight problem of the fact that I can't fit it in my army without dropping one of my heavy support choices. Annoyingly neither my Indomitus Terminators or Tactical Marines can take a Spartan as a dedicated transport, which means that I will ultimately need to get my hands on some Cataphractii or Tartaros Terminators** to be able to use everything I've painted so far in the same army.

Acquired: 83
Painted: 217
Lead Mountain: 468

*Yes, I'm fully aware it will be one-shotted in its first game.

**Or even Crimson Paladins from Forge World if I can find a buyer for my kidneys.

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