Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The End of the End of the Beginning...U.S. Triumphant

The club Flames of War campaign spluttered to a appropriate finish with Matt leading his hard charging Americans to victory over Pete's combustible Germans.  This allowed the Americans (Matt and I) to capture Tunis before the British, and before the Russians had even got within the same timezone as their target of Kursk.

To be honest, the victory is a little hollow for me as I only actually used my Americans once, and got beaten. So the campaign was actually won by Matt on his own, however I did contribute a bit with two victories over the Russians and one over the British, helping keep our rivals in check.

Overall, there were a number of lessons learned by all:

  • Americans need to be used in a blood and thunder manner, charging hard and turning flanks
  • Genuine mid-war British tanks struggle against the wall of heavy tanks that non-desert lists throw at them
  • Pete's tank fixation can be exploited for an early finish
  • Panthers in mid-war are bent as hell
  • Matt actually knows what he's doing (in the context of our club)
 Thoughts now turn to the annual Blood Bowl tournament that kicks off this weekend. My money is on Aneurin's Orcs, da Nu Ork Jets; despite his Vampire induced collapse last year, he's actually a pretty handy player, is running a good team and is out for revenge.


  1. "Matt actually knows what he's doing"

    I was with you right up until that point...

    1. "Matt CLAIMS he knows what he's doing"

      If any of us read the rules we might find him out...

      And Panther Man can't comment on tanks at all!