Monday 23 April 2012

Still Not Grown Up

It was my birthday on Saturday (yay me!) and so I’ve had the first significant influx of new models for a while. So far the intake is as follows: Northern Fury (Saga Expansion), 2 boxes of plastic Norman Knights, 1 box of plastic Sherman tanks, 1 artillery template for Flames of War, 1 pin vice. I’ve also got a decent fighting fund for further purchases, although most of this will wait until Triples.

This birthday was well and truly cheaphammered. Whether it was rigourously planning what I asked for; picking up deals on specific days when I got a bigger discount; considering units that can be used both Mid and Late War in FoW; or begging for javelins to convert the Normans into Bretons, you can rest assured that being another year older, has not made me any more profligate in my spending.

Looking back on last year, I've achieved the following gaming successes:
  • I took the Bretonnians from about 500 points to 1800 points
  • I painted a six point Viking warband for Saga
  • I painted 1000 points of German infantry for Flames of War
  • I completed my Slann Blood Bowl team
  • I've created a decent VBCW force (roughly a brigade)
  • I played in two Saga tournaments, run a WFB campaign (briefly) and a Blood Bowl League
  • I helped start a new Wargaming Club
  • I begun to build my own terrain
  • I designed my own Superhero wargames rules

Projects for this year include:
  • Get my Mid-War German Grenadier list to 1500 points (moves are afoot to achieve this)
  • Get the Bretonnians to 2400 points (Aneurin's campaign should help here)
  • Paint up the Normans as a Breton warband for Saga
  • Paint up 12 Viking Levies for when I have to fight the Welsh again
  • Begin working on an American armoured company for the Flames of War campaign later in the year
  • Run a WFB tournament
  • Paint up a new Blood Bowl team (and win the league with it)
  • Build more terrain and furnish my own games room (I'm hopefully moving house)
Whether I'll get all of this done is anybody's guess. The list will also grow and change as I get tempted by new projects (Muskets & Tomahawks is already calling).

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  1. So would you say the blogging has helped your progress? Its a lot so nice one :)