Saturday, 10 November 2012

FoW Campaign - Week 1

With week one of the 'End of the Beginning' campaign complete, it's time to assess the relative progress of the Allied forces...

...there hasn't been any!

In North Africa, the British rushed headlong into the guns of Rommel's Afrika Korps which they had surrounded at Benghazi and came away with a bloody nose (5-2), and the Americans lost a bloody free for all against untried Panzer divisions in Tunisia (4-3, I think). This means that the Reich still has a strong foothold in Africa and will be able to keep their European forces focused on the Eastern Front

Meanwhile, the surrounded German forces just outside Stalingrad were able to hold their positions and repel numerous Soviet attacks (5-2) to keep the corridor open for supplying the Sixth Army in the city. There was news of other fighting on the front, but reports have not yet come in as to the consequences of the action.

More fighting is expected in all theatres this week, and I suspect that German resolve will once again be tested.

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