Monday 30 September 2013


So, in amongst my many other projects (two FOW armies, VBCW, Gotham City, war of 1812 and now Bolt Action Russians - more on that soon), I've signed up to be part of Zomtober, a project for bloggers to get zombies painted during October.

The rules are simple: paint at least one Zombie or Survivor per week during October and post a picture of them each Sunday.

Seeing as I've had some WF Zombie Vixens sitting in a box for ages, and bought the All Things Zombie rules some time ago, I figured I'd join in.

First up are three rather decayed ladies. A waitress who got a little more than a tip from a customer, a nurse who proves that hospitals really are unsafe, and a jogger who has literally run her legs off.

The aim is to get all three done by Sunday. Whether that happens, or I just manage one remains to be seen. I've not painted a zombie in about ten years, and those were quick jobs on a WFB horde. I want to do a better job on these.

Hopefully I'll have a picture for Sunday. More details on Zomtober can be found here:


  1. This is a good idea, I have zombies in need of paint too!

  2. Does this mean you'll get all your Russians done in Sovember?

  3. The Russians are coming on but I'm bulk painting them so there won't be progress for a while. Currently, they're assembled, base coated and have their boots done. Next up is rifles and then skin.

    The zombies are to stop me going mad on the production line, and I've been meaning to start a zombie campaign for some time.