Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Cheap Knight Out

I've been doing a bit more painting and I've completed the last of the Batman Miniatures and Heroclix proxies I've had waiting around.

First up, Dark Knight Rises Bane. Not my favourite version of the character, but at the point that I bought him, the only alternatives were the tiny Clix model and the (in my opinion ridiculous) pumped up version from the Arkham Asylum game. Knight Models have since released an Arkham Origin version which I prefer, but you know what I'm like for spending money...

Anyway, he joins my burgeoning League of Shadows along with Talia and the Prisoners. I probably need to de-shine him with some matt varnish and I'd like to have another crack at the eyes, but here he is...

Next up, Deadshot. One of the better known of Batman's lesser villains. I have to say that this is probably my favourite of the heroclix models I'm using, and I actually prefer it to the Knight Models sculpt. A very simple, but effective, paint job.

In contrast to Deadshot, Catwoman isy least favourite Clix sculpt. I've wrestled with getting official model for some time now, as I didn't really want to use this one. However, ultimately, I'm not overly keen on the Knight Models version either, and eventually the price difference for a single model won me over. If I can get a less expensive and better alternative, I'll probably replace her.

Finally, Penguin and his gang. Initially I wasn't keen on this model either, but the painting him revealed a fairly comical little figure. I really like the expression on his face.

The thugs are fairly bog standard but combined with a couple of models I've already done, provide a solid foundation for Penguin's gang.

I'm getting close to the end of my stock of useable Heroclix figures. I've got a Two Face that I like, but without a gang, he's a bit difficult to use. I've also got minis for Spoiler, Trickster, Lady Shiva and a League Assassin that I want to use, but they're not something I'm going to rush to do.

On the shopping list are Clayface and Solomon Grundy, who are both somewhat chunky, and my favourite Batman villainess, Poison Ivy.

In the meantime, I went to Sheffield Triples and stocked up on miniatures for my Marvel project, so expect to see some of the soon.


  1. I particularly like Bane and the Penguin, very nice!

    1. Funnily, the more I look at him, the less I like Bane's face. I might need to revisit him.

  2. Very cool, the Penguin is just superb!

    1. Thanks. As I said, he was a bit of a surprise to me. That's always the way with my painting, every so often something goes very right, but I have no idea how I managed it. :)