Thursday, 1 January 2015

Operation Unthinkable: Bolt Action Soviets

Happy New Year!

Being the first day of 2015, this is an appropriate time for the first post of my New Year's Resolution project: Operation Unthinkable. The goal is quite simple; to become lead pile free by 2016.

Each month I will endeavour to complete an unfinished project and remove all associated models from my lead pile. Any models not completed by the end of the month must be got rid of via sale, trade or other means of disposal. As an added means of motivation, I'll be arranging a game with the newly painted models for the end of each month.

First up are my Bolt Action Soviets.

This isn't a massive job. January's going to be busy for me so this is a nicely achievable project to complete. I've already got over 1000 points of Soviets painted, what remains are a few bits and pieces that I bought to add a little variety to my somewhat one-dimensional force.

The elements I need to complete are:

1 HMG Team
1 Medium Mortar Team
2 Mine Dogs and 2 Handlers
4 Scouts (not pictured, but these have already been base-coated some time ago)
1 Flag for my Flag Bearer
6 Pin Markers to be used as dead NCO markers (I know I have these somewhere, I just need to find them)

At the end of this month we've arranged to play a few 500 point games as Pete and Matt are also starting new armies; British and French respectively. The models I'm painting will form the core of my force for these games.

So, here goes...Operation Unthinkable has begun.


  1. My hat is off to you, that is a brave resolution to make. Good luck.

  2. Happy New Year and what a goal, best of luck Sir!

  3. To be honest, it's not as massive a goal as it might be for some. I've been quite restrained in my purchases for some time. Being cheap has helped. 😀

  4. Best of luck with Operation Unthinkable dude! Happy New Year too.