Thursday 29 March 2018

The Gang’s All Here

In the spirit of finishing things off, I’ve taken the opportunity to add to my Necromunda Orlocks for the first time in around twenty years.

The reasons for this are twofold. Firstly, I had a brief flurry of nostalgic excitement about the release of the new Necromunda just before Christmas, until I found out that fundamentally the rules hadn’t changed massively, you could only get the full rules if you bought the big box (which includes two gangs of fiddly sprues) and you also needed to buy supplements to play the campaign - this is Cheaphammer after all!

Secondly, in a former gaming life I’d beefed up my Orlocks with a handful of Grenadier models that have now been repurposed into different projects over the years, and so my gang were a little short handed should we start a campaign.

Therefore, I took to eBay and secured a couple of Juves without needing to remortgage, and a healthy dose of begging netted me a couple of the original plastic hangers from Matt.

They’ve all been painted and based to fit in with the rest of the crew, obviously, who had a spruce up last year to serve as the Purple Dragons in my games of 7TV with the Turtles. I’m not sure these guys will see service in that way not that I’ve painted the Foot Clan, but there’s always an option.

However, you may remember that a few months ago, Matt and I began a fledgling Necromunda campaign. We were hoping to tempt Pete, who had Spyrers (filth) and possibly Wes, into the fray, but we’ve not really pushed that yet.

The two plastic gangers are packed with nostalgia for me. A friend and I bought the original box between us when we we sharing a house. He took the Goliaths and I had the Orlocks. We pretty soon moved onto the metal models, and although he moved on to the Delaques, I stuck with the Orlocks (although I did have a brief flurry with the Ratskins).

They’re certainly a bit dated now, but they are perfectly serviceable (more than can be said of the Goliaths) and fit in well with the rest of the gang.

The Lasgun is a bit big and some of their features are a bit cartoonish, but overall, I like them, even if the design of the Orlocks is a bit soft rock.

The addition of two more juves fixes an issue that I’ve had in Necromunda for a looong time. Namely the fact that I always had to recruit gangers rather than juves due to lack of models.

Although out of print models, and particularly Necromunda models, can get expensive, I didn’t spend more than a few quid on either of them. There doesn’t seem to be the demand for Orlocks that there is for the likes of the Escher models. Sometimes it’s good to be vanilla.

All in all, I’m pleased to get these done and off the table. I’m now ready if we do pick up the campaign, no matter how long that takes.


  1. Fine additions to the gang. They look like they have always been there.

    Orlocks I have a soft spot for the originals had some really cool sculpts. The double barrel shotgun ganger and the heavy bolter heavy among manyou. The juve with the stub gun and hammer another cool pose.

    Good luck in the hopefully materialising campaign it will be fun.

    1. Thanks. To be honest, I think they’ve aged quite well.

  2. Those Orlocks are ace work! I like the colour scheme a lot. The original Necromunda stuff is so much better than the new plastics.