Friday, 9 August 2019

It's All Ruined Now!

Recently I signed up to Terrain Time, a terrain building project during August. Details can be found at Deadly Dick's Tavern. The basics are to simply complete one piece of terrain, and although I'm planning to do more, here's my first piece.

I've been very slowly working on a terrain board for the next Board in Brum 7TV day in September. I'm aiming for something that can work for Lost World Pulp games or an alien planet such as Eternia. I'd already done three pieces of jungle terrain, so I thought a ruin would add a little bit of variety.

The base ruin is something I've had for a very long time and came from the original Fellowship of the Ring starter set from GW, which I've given a brush up. The walls are actually too thin and the reverse side has issues, but I feel that the jungle additions help hide some of the limitations of the piece.

I'd actually run out of the purple tinged leaves I'd used on the other terrain pieces and hadn't been able to find more of them. So I spent I little time removing some from my other terrain, and replaced them with some of the livid green fronds I picked up from a pound shop. This means I now have enough to give a few more terrain pieces a consistent feel.

Sadly, a piece like this still only counts as one model, however it's all progress.

Acquired: 158
Painted: 121


  1. I think that looks really cool, love the owl keeping guard.

    1. Thanks, that's actually from an objective I made for the Batman Miniatures Game several years ago. I was looking for something to fill the empty space towards the rear of the piece and it fit the bill.

  2. A great use for these ruins.
    Plenty of space to put and move figures around while still having a great overgrown by the jungle look, I like it!

  3. You got me with the title :P
    Here I was expecting a ruined job but all I got was good ruins :)

  4. Great stuff Kieron! I'm with Michael, really like the little added touch with the owl 🙂