Sunday 20 October 2019

Cold War Double Agents

A couple of weeks ago I showed some Pulp City miniatures that I'd originally bought for other purposes which will now be used for Pulp City.

This time I have two miniatures which have specifically been bought to round out my team for Pulp City, but which have another simultaneous purpose.

These two are Professor Hammer and Sneischinka, both of the Red Republik, a faction based on the concept of Cold War Soviet supers (like the film 'The Guardians' but with a better narrative...and acting).

Professor Hammer is the leader of the team, boasts rocket propelled fists and inspires his comrades with communist propaganda. The colour scheme I've gone for is based on the villain Nuclear Winter from the PC game 'Freedom Force', and that will be his alternate role.

Nuclear Winter is a communist agent who gets bathed in a combination of liquid nitrogen and the mysterious Energy X when a nefarious scheme goes wrong.

I was prompted to do this by a particular miniature in the Kitbash Games Kickstarter which bears a good resemblance to another Freedom Force character, and with some other projects coming to a close, creating the Freedom Force and their villains, using Super Mission Force for rules, will become a new niche project for me. I've already spotted how I might put together Liberty Lad from my bits box.

Sneischinka is a versatile character who can take on either snow or ice forms and fulfil the role of either blaster or tank as needed.

In terms of painting, I've done her as a combination of the old and new versions of Frosta in the She-Ra cartoons to add to the Great Rebellion.

Personally, I'm quite pleased with how she's come out as she sort of seems like a grown up version of the Netflix character.

I did have to perform a little ankle surgery as the model had broken in the post, but I think I've done a decent job of repairing her.

In addition to being used as Sneischinka and Frosta, there's also a potential for her to serve triple duty as the Ice Queen, one of Nuclear Winter's lieutenants. The model isn't perfect for this, but she's certainly a decent proxy for a minor character until I find something better.

So two models done, but a new project started which will result in purchases, so questionable progress when considered in the long term.

Acquired: 178
Painted: 172


  1. Excellent stuff Kieron, and great utility choices. :)

    1. Thanks. All I need now is a convenient and suggestible miniatures manufacturer to decide to release models that can be easily repurposed into Freedom Force...

  2. Great job on them both. You have been productive!

    1. Thanks, but not really. I started them back when I finished the last three. Zomtober pushed them down the queue.