Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Gorilla Warfare

For those that are familiar with Pulp City, there may be some consternation at my pre-emptive use of the pun in the title, given that I've not painted the mini-gun toting Guerilla, but instead have painted the four-armed techno berserker, Silverager, and the somewhat contextually inappropriately named grease monkey, Virus.

With both of these, I've eschewed the traditional colour schemes in favour of a more Soviet military look to fit with Ape-Bot. Originally, this decision was fueled simply by the red star logo of the A.R.C. but a bit of reading on the Pulp City website has revealed that these apes are actually the unforeseen consequence of a Soviet experiment gone wrong. 


I'm really quite pleased with how Silverager (he's meant to have white fur, but I'm arguing his name stems from him being a silverback) has turned out, particularly with his fur, which saw me using a more precise form of drybrushing than is usual for me.

I also like how the mouth, red stars on his bionic arms and the gizmos on his belt contrast with what is otherwise a fairly muted colour scheme.

The only small issue I faced with him was having to trim and angle the bionic foot, to that I could pin him to the resin base in a more upright position than is intended with the sculpt.

Virus on the other hand was a bit of a bugger to put together. Small parts and clumsy fingers meant I had to take several attempts at gluing his arm and tail on, and both required me to position them in a way that gave them other points of contact to make everything more robust.

I also managed to cut off half this left foot when I was trimming the metal tab off the base. Although not perfect when inspected closely, I managed to fix things with a spare hand from the Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens sprue.

In terms of painting, he was fiddly, but quite straightforward. I decided to give him a couple of red details (neckerchief and wristband) to tie in with the stars on Ape-Bot and Silverager.

I've currently only got one more A.R.C. model to go, the incendiary orangutan mad scientist, Dr Red.

In terms of painting tallies, things have taken a turn for the better, even though I've bought a Rohan House for my LotR project. It turns out that my 6-year-old nephew has been bought an Age of Sigmar starter set (the one with the push fit models), and so I've taken the opportunity to package up the models I got with the first two issues of Mortal Realms magazine (I was after cheap paint) and send them to him. 3 Stormcast Eternals, 4 Banshees and 10 Chainrasps should keep him busy (and reduce my 'lead' pile).

Acquired: 222
Painted: 207