Wednesday, 17 February 2021

Minimum Effort

You may have noticed that I have a bit of an attention span issue when it comes to completing projects. The slightest thing can trigger a change of focus, or a return to a previously mothballed project.

Watching the latest MCU offering, Wandavision (which is excellent on a variety of levels) has done just this and my low-rent Marvel project has once again come out to play.

This project began long before even Knight Models (let alone Marvel Crisis Protocol) were producing miniatures and involves me hunting out proxies which work for Marvel characters.

I'm aware that they're often not quite right for characters, but for me there's a charm to that and inaccuracies are easily hand-waved away with the word 'multiverse'.

This collection has also saved me from getting into games like MCP, which although pretty, would likely consume my entire gaming budget.

Storm is from Crossover Miniatures, and is a very simple model (there is a short cape hidden behind her back) that I've not done anything particularly notable with, although I am quite pleased with the hair and eyes.

Crossover Miniatures all come with three head options, which does allow for some variation and, with a bit of imagination and inspection of the range, allows you create decent imitations of quite a few familiar characters.

As a side note, Angry Piper of Dead Dick's Tavern (see the side bar) put me onto a thing called Fem-buary. Basically committing to paint at least one female miniature in February - I think it's about recognising the representation imbalance in miniature gaming. Storm is my Fem-buary contribution.

Deadpool is from Hasselfree Miniatures with a spare Crossover head added. 

"My mask isn't right."

I know the mask is not quite right, as the design on it is more Spider-Man than Deadpool. It's close enough.

"Meh! At least it's better than the trainwreck you did for Wolverine. He's not even got f***ing claws! Wolverine without claws is like The Golden Girls without Bea Arthur; it's The Golden Palace, just f***ing wrong. Wolverine is all about the claws, even that clusterf*** Origins movie got that right."

Okay. I'll try to give him some claws.

"Oooh...fix those pineapple on a pizza yellow shoulder pads while you're at it."

Will do.

Hasslefree have a few not-Marvel characters hidden in their range if you look closely - Jessica Jones, Scarlet Witch, Punisher, Kingpin and several Black Widows can all be spotted, and I'm sure there are other conversions possible.

I'm going to mix painting a few more superheroes in with my Daemons, just for a bit of variety. I'm also, once again, working on my own rules set, which I might write about fairly soon.

Acquired: 28
Painted: 29


  1. I’m the same, there’s both a Wanda and a Vision on my painting tile currently for that exact reason!

    1. My Wanda is very much the original costume, and so I'm thinking of getting the Hasslefree version for the times when she's an Avenger. I'm also considering putting together a Spectrum/Monica Rambeau.

    2. Same here, silly red hats all the way! Luckily I painted a Monica a couple of years back already or I’d be trying to find one now...