Monday 6 March 2023

Spiders From...Mars?

As you may have noticed, I'm in a little of a 40k phase, but I'm running out of models to paint. Therefore, as I'd just painted up a Tech-Priest and some Mechanicus terrain I figured I could satisfy my cravings by painting up some robots I've had knocking around for a long time and somehow argue them into themed games with the Tech-Priest.

However, something happened...

Basically, as I started painting the larger spider bots, I noticed the shaped of the plates on their legs sort of resembled coffins, and this stirred my imagination towards another 40k race where spidery robots and coffin (or sarcophagus) themed iconography were perhaps more appropriate.

The spider bots were painted really simply with a Leadbelcher base and an Agrax Earthshade wash. I then picked out the trim in Brass Scorpion (is it still called that?), did some glowy bits with Hexwraith Flame over White Scar, threw Black Templar contrast paint over the pipes and then finished off with a bit of highlighting of the spiky bits with Chainmail (that's definitely not its name these days).

These are chunky metal models with more than a bit of heft to them. As such I expect to be constantly sticking the legs back on, and so I might end up putting them on bases.

In terms of how I'll use them, the could still work as Mechanicus constructs, or as generic sci-fi/pulp villains. However, although Tomb Spiders (sorry, 'Canoptek Spyders' tm) don't appear in second edition 40k, these guys match the more chunky aesthetic of the original Necrons, so should I acquire some I might play with the vehicle design rules to make something that seems appropriate (possibly using a dreadnought as a base).

I'm less keen on the sentry turrets, but they were painted the same way and fit a similar aesthetic. In theory there's nothing stopping me using them with the Necron Warrior stat line (scarabs don't have ranged weapons) apart from the fun police. I'll have to see whether this concept develops into anything as the old Necrons are more than a little expensive.

So, I've sort of dipped my toes into Necrons, at least aesthetically. However, even if nothing comes of that idea, I really like the spiders and might need to find an alternate use for them.

Acquired: -7
Painted: 70
Lead Mountain: 504

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