Sunday 28 April 2024

O' Brother, Where Art Thou?

When I picked up the Fallout: Wasteland Warfare starter set on a Black Friday Deal five years ago, the first model I painted was Aspirant Goddard of the Brotherhood of Steel. 

Sadly, Goddard saw very little table time as he was the only member of the Brotherhood that I owned...

...until now!

Due largely to the impact of the excellent Fallout TV show on Amazon, birthday money came and went rapidly on a couple of boxes of miniatures for the tabletop game.

I picked up the Frontline Knights box and the Raiders Core box to give me two more useable factions, alongside the Survivors and Super Mutants, to offer variety in my games.

The box contains three Knight Patrol (or Blades?) to accompany a Knight, who are all armed with laser rifles and are really characterful sculpts.

Notably, these are resin miniatures that are a real step up in quality from the PVC models in the starter set, and make me feel better about the price tag (although I did also get these at a good discount).

In terms of painting, I did them backwards to how I would usually approach a miniature. I started with the uppermost layers, drybrushing and washing that armour first before filling in and picking out details.

They were remarkably straightforward to do, and in fact the sculpted bases probably took about the same amount of time as the miniatures.

I really like the bases on this range as there's a fun game of, "What the hell is that?" to be played. The broken lamppost on this model really gave me pause.

It also gave me the opportunity to paint something a coppery colour and whack verdigris (or Nihilakh Oxide technical paint) all over it to see how it came out. I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

The Knight himself was even more straightforward than the patrol, which was the reason I began with Goddard five years ago.

Actually, the trickiest part of painting him was getting his armour to match Goddard's, as I'd clearly messed about with different silvers and washes.

Here they are together.

I'm looking forward to getting these guys on the table. I think I might have approaching 500 points of Brotherhood of Steel, although don't quote me.

Here's the Brotherhood assembled together.

However, I'm more likely to engage in some solo games as Fallout: Wasteland Warfare has a really good AI system for solo games and a campaign mode.

You know how I am about campaigns.

Acquired: 28
Painted: 247
Lead Mountain: 836


  1. Great work on your Brotherhood, and nice experimentation on the blades and matching your original knight

    1. Cheers. I was surprised at how much they must have done first time round. It's not like me to not be lazy.

  2. Having thoroughly enjoyed the series it is great to see some painted miniatures done as well.