Tuesday 25 June 2013

What Is A Crocodile's Favourite Game?

Time for a couple of new Batman villains.

First up, the Prince of Puzzles, the Count of Conundrums, the Mystery Man, Mr E, Edward Nigman, the Riddler! This is a Heroclix sculpt and is actually the model that persuaded me to use Heroclix miniatures in a slightly larger scale before I'd heard of Knight Models. I like the characterful simplicity of the pose and it was really a doddle to paint. I did have to replace a wonky cane, but other than that the Riddler wasn't at all confusing.

Secondly, Waylon Jones, the Killer Croc. This is a Knight Models sculpt and as it's based on the humongous Arkham City version of the character and so towers over the other models I've done. This model was an absolute joy to paint. For me it strikes exactly the right balance of detail that improves my painting without having unnecessarily complex fiddly bits to deal with. This big fella has sold me on buying into the rest of the range for sculpts that I don't already have; despite the price.


  1. Very nice. I want both of those models now...

  2. Very nice work; I have my Croc in my 'to do' pile, so seeing stuff like this is a spur to the rest of us. Great work. :)

  3. I keep meaning to have a look at the Knight models figures as they do look really nice. Great work on the Riddler too; it's a great pose!

  4. Looks great. You come with Mr Lokis' recommendation and appear to be into the same sorts of games as our crew at 50mm games room. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

  5. They both look fantastic!


  6. How does the Riddler scale compared to the Knight Models miniatures?

    1. He scales really well. You have to be picky with Heroclix scaling as they're all over the shop with sizes. If I hadn't already had these models I probably wouldn't have bought Clix as you can't guarantee their sizes.