Saturday 16 July 2016

A Small Update

Things have been quiet on the Cheaphammer front for several reasons. Firstly, I've been rather busy, at work and at weekends, and have therefore had reduced time available. Secondly, there's been a sudden glut of TV shows that I watch become available on Amazon, and so I've been getting up to speed with events in Starling City and Central City, which has also eaten into my time. Finally, since the Batman tournament, I've been focused on getting ready for our post Joy of Six battle tomorrow.

A couple of years ago we went to the 'Joy of Six' show (a wargames show centred on 6mm wargaming) in Sheffield, and decided to all build armies for the American Civil War. We all got a few stands painted, played a demo game using the Black Powder rules and promised to do more. Some time later, things all got a bit uncivil when Pete and Wes had a secret paintathon to build their armies quickly so they could overrun Matt and I. Needless to say, despite their overwhelming number, they still almost managed to lose the game.

Now, ACW Black Powder is back on the agenda, and we've arranged to fight a historical scenario from 'Glory Hallelujah!' the Black Powder ACW expansion after going to the Joy of Six again tomorrow and so I needed to get a few more stands painted.

Two Batteries of Artillery

Two Regiments of Infantry (along with Skirmishers)

A Brigade Commander
This now gives me enough to field two of the Union brigades in tomorrow's battle, with Matt supplying the other (slightly larger) two.

The battle we'll be fighting is the Battle of Wilson's Creek, which was fought in 1861 and was one of the first major engagements in the western theatre of the war. In the battle, a smaller Union force tried to counter the Confederate numerical superiority with a pincer movement, using one brigade to attack the Confederates in the rear.

It didn't work.

Tomorrow Matt and I will be trying to complete the task that cost Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon his life.

Let's just look at the task in front of us:

  1. We are outnumbered; the Confederates have six brigades to our four
  2. We are out-classed; the Confederates have a higher proportion of better quality troops
  3. We can be out-manoeuvred; the Confederates have useable cavalry, we don't
Our only slight advantages are that we have slightly better artillery (although the same amount) and all of our infantry are armed with rifled muskets rather than smoothbores, giving us a tiny edge in range. This will benefit us if the Confederates decide to sit back and wait for us to attack them.

We do have the option of following history and sending Sigel's brigade behind the Confederate lines, which should give them something to think about. However, we'll also have to watch our flank, as the Confederates have the option of doing something similar with their cavalry brigade.

All in all, things look a bit grim.

On the up side, we're outnumbered with history against us. We're not under any pressure, as Lyon clearly attacked when he shouldn't have and so our tactical situation is tricky. Our opponents, Pete and Wes, have no excuses to hide behind if the tide turns against them.

Let battle commence.


  1. Love the look of the army, but far too small for my tired eyes! Best of luck in the battle, I shall be interested to hear how you get on.

    1. Thanks. They don't photograph particularly well. But that's also a strength as you don't need to be too worried about neatness.