Wednesday 3 August 2016

Bang! Bang! You're Dead!

Back to the BMG and I've painted Deadshot, and...erm...Deadshot!

First up: Deadshot.

This is the original version for the game based on the Arkham Origins console game. He comes equipped with wrist-cannons and night vision, which, when combined with his range of accuracy improving traits makes him one of the game's best killers, and one of the commonly used Free Agents. There's rarely a crew that this Deadshot doesn't add value to.

I have to say that this model is one of my favourite KM sculpts. A single piece cast and crisp detail with no flash made this a pleasure to put together and paint.

Next up: Deadshot.

This version of Deadshot is based on his appearance in the comics. Unlike the Origins version, he is primarily a sniper and his equipment and traits work towards this goal. His rifle can not only damage vehicles, but has the potential to do seven blood damage in a single shot and he can score extra VP's for taking down a named target. However, he does come with a couple of downsides: his rifle needs to be reloaded when it's fired, he can't move and shoot, and he has the Obsessive mental disorder, which means that he can only attack a single opponent until they are taken out of action. This makes him more static and less versatile than the Origins version, and so I will probably need a definite plan to get the most out of him.

Another nice model (if a little large), however the positioning of the rifle across his body did cause a bit of difficulty in painting. If I were to do this again I'd be tempted to paint the rifle before attaching it.

As well as giving me another couple of Free Agents to choose from, both Deadshots are eligible for selection in a Suicide Squad team, and with a new movie imminent, there's every chance there might be some more interesting sculpts and characters on the way.


  1. Lovely paintjob on both of them.
    The base of the second one looks a bit weird though, with just the red stone brickwork on a gray neutral filler.

    1. I agree. Although the grey isn't as pale in real life. I'm not a fan of tactical rocks, so tactical bricks are a slight improvement. In my own head, he's piled them up to stand on.

      In the long run, I still need to add urban debris to all of my bases, which shoul help.

  2. Very nicely done Kieron, on both models. :)

    Must paint my Classic Deadshot some time. :)

    1. Thanks. He's a nice model, although as I mentioned, he's a bit big compared to some of the range.

  3. Lovely work on both of these and a single piece sculpt is music to my ears.

    1. I just wish they didn ore of them. Of particular interest to you will be the fact that both tactically and thematically, Deadshot is a perfect fit with the Penguin crew.

      I'll be using him with mine in a tournament in a few weeks.