Monday, 15 August 2016

Bustin' Makes Me Feel Good!

Pete and I finally managed to get in that game of 7TV using his Ghostbust...ahem...'Paranormal Exterminators' from Crooked Dice. We played the 'Cats and Dogs Living Together Scenario' from the Paranormal Exterminators PDF in which the Exterminators would be battling it out on the streets of New York with a host of supernatural fiends.

There's something strange, in this neighbourhood...
Pete would be the good guys:
  • Jim Blutowski
  • Dr Ziskey
  • Don Winthorpe
  • Billy Ray 
  • 2 Bystanders

Who you gonna call? Paranormal Exterminators!
Stepping away from the movies, my bad guys would be more Hammer Horror than 80's visual effects, mainly due to the fact that I was raiding my Undead army for models:
  • The Destructor
  • 2 Demon Dogs
  • Harbinger (the robed dude)
  • Poltergeist (the creepy zombie thing)
  • 3 Spectres (the Ringwraiths)
  • Ecton (the bat)

There's something weird, and it don't look good!
The scenario was a straight up fight, with a few twists. If there were objective counters still in play, I could bring one busted ghost back to life at the start of my turn, and when the Finale began, the Destructor would arrive (with bonus health points for each objective I had claimed). Peter would get a significant chunk of VP's for bustin' the Destructor.

In terms of story, a possessed sorcerer is summoning undead and demonic forces to capture energy conduits and generate enough power to allow a terrible entity known as the Destructor to enter the mortal plane. The Paranormal Exterminators had marched out to stop him.

An innocent bystander finds herself surrounded by demonic hounds.
A spectre sneaks up on Blutowski.
A chill touch petrifies the terrified woman.
Like a well-oiled machine, the Exterminators trap their first ghost.
Meanwhile, Billy Ray secures a conduit.
The Harbinger brings another ghost to the fight.
An Ecton Bat attacks Blutowski, to no avail.
More ghosts slide through the city.
Feral Demons stalk through the streets.
Another ghost is pinned: "Don't cross the beams!"
Billy Ray rushes in to trap the spectre.
The Harbinger blasts and takes down Dr Ziskey.
Billy Ray is savaged by demonic creatures, but keeps fighting.

More spirits are ready to strike...
...but Ziskey's assistant hurls one of his devices, weakening them.

Winthorpe traps one of the weakened spirits.
Billy Ray somehow holds on.

Unfortunately, Blutowski is blasted by the Harbinger...
...and ghosts are queuing up to attack Winthorpe.
Blliy Ray manages to slip away to safety, but...
...Ziskey's asssistant is struck down...
...and Blutowski disappears under a flurry of ghosts...

...and then the Destructor arrives. "Destructor SMASH!"
"Jim! You're not dead?"
"Never better Billy. Now let's blow this thing and go home."
(sorry, wrong film)
The Harbinger defeats his inner demon and joins the good guys.
Winthorpe holds demon jaws at bay.
Billy Ray clings on grimly as the demonic energy dissipates.
A cracking game. The paranormal was thoroughly exterminated. The Destructor turned out to be really easy to...erm...destroy, especially Blutowski came back to life next to Billy Ray, and I couldn't even get petty vengeance when a series of terrible rolls meant I couldn't spitefully push Billy Ray off the roof. Ah well...

Pete won by 4 VP's in the end. The Paranormal Exterminators came, they saw, and they kicked ghostly butt!


  1. Fabulous! Cracking game and a spot of Ghost Busting is definitely on the list of things to do next year.

    1. I've hopefully convinced Pete to do more of the Paranormal Exterminators range, which means we'll be able to do some bigger games.

      I might need to do some more ghosty-looking ghosts, or some other fun stuff like sewer crocs.

  2. Awesome dude. Loved it. I must kick myself up the arse and get mine done for Halloween.

    1. The first scenario for n the PDF is a simple one to aim for, as you just need to do the base pack and root out a few random spooks.

  3. Love it, bustin' does make ya feel good!!

    1. Each time I play 7TV2, no matter the genre, it never fails to deliver a fun game.

  4. What a great story you've spun. I definitely would like to see their tales continued.
    Lovely work on the mini's and terrain!

    1. Thanks. One of the reasons I kept my Batman terrain not too 'Batmany' was so that it would be dual purpose for scenarios like this.

  5. Blog hijack! Here is my Paranormal Exterminators in all their glory:

    Good game though, I do like 7TV, lots of fun!

    1. Btw, I worked out that you cheated when you killed the Destructor as you fire twice with your Neutron Lances and you can only shoot once.

      Never mind that I was teaching you the game.

      Game void!

      Now, go and paint some more!

  6. Great post and sounds like much ghost busting fun was had! :)