Saturday, 4 August 2018

In My Element

If you know anything about this blog, you’ll know that I appreciate models that are cheap, quick to paint and preferably dual use.

And so I present today’s offering...

Cheap? Check. Both are models I already had.

Quick to paint? Check. Little more than washes and dry brushing.

Dual use? Check. Despite their original uses, both of these will find employment in my Breakout campaign.

This fire elemental is from Descent and is the first of the larger models from the game that I’ve painted.

Even though it’s meant to have sections of all four elements on the model, I decided to go for just fire for a few reasons:
  • it’s quick,
  • I needed a way to distinguish between the regular elemental and the master in the game, the other one will be painted with all four elements to achieve this,
  • I wanted a fire elemental to stand in for the villain Zzzax in the next scenario from Breakout (technically Zzzax is purely electricity but this works, see below)

I quite enjoyed doing this. I’ve never really mastered painting fire, but I think this is an improvement on my previous attempts.

I’ve made a departure from my usual basing for my Descent minis basically because it wouldn’t look right to have a fire elemental on a grassy base, so I decided to have the whole thing scorched.

The water elemental isn’t a great model (it’s from the D&D Miniatures Game) but it’s been painted for a purpose.

Just like the fire elemental standing in for Zzzax, the water elemental will be proxying for Hydro-Man. However, this is more of a stretch, as you can see here:

He can turn his whole body into water, but this is the more iconic look. Annoyingly, there’s a decent Heroclix sculpt if this character that I used to own, I forgot to order one when I was getting some other miniatures for the campaign last week. Therefore, the water elemental will have to do.

This really was simply undercoat, blue wash and a bit of white highlighting with a darker blue in the eyes. I also used liquid green stuff to make a watery base and merge the elemental’s rather amusing feet into the water. I think it’s worked out okay.

I’m not sure what else I’ll use this for, but I’m sure it will be useful.