Sunday, 24 March 2019

Pimp My Ride

This week I finally started on some of the miniatures that came with the 7TV: Apocalypse Kickstarter.

Starting with the vehicles...

When it came to choosing starter sets to go with my pledge, I opted for the Interceptor kit for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the main difference between 7TV: Apocalypse and the core set is the vehicle rules, and I wanted to take advantage of this. Secondly, the Interceptor came with a bunch of conversion bits that would allow me to tailor it, and possibly other vehicles. Thirdly, and arguably most importantly, it would only add one model to my lead/plastic/resin pile.

In terms of choosing how to set up my Interceptor, my hand was really forced by the first bonus miniature of the Kickstarter looking not unlike the film poster image, along with having seen a replica whilst in Melbourne.

Therefore, I set about using the conversion bits to create something not a million miles away from the last of the V8 Interceptors. This had the added advantage of meaning that there wasn’t that much to do in terms of painting.

The option I went with at rear of the car places my version firmly in Mad Max 2 territory. In terms of painting, I settled with dry brushing as it gave the car a bit of a battered look.

I also picked up a Humvee during the pledge manager stage, with the aim of giving my Resistance a bit of armour. I didn’t worry too much about adding weapons, as conceivably the roof hatch allows for anything to pop out of there.

I did however add a row of lights from the Interceptor kit as the future battles in Terminator (apart from in Salvation) all seem to take place in the dark. Painting wise, this was also extremely simple stuff. 

Although intended for games of Terminator: Genysis, there’s nothing stopping this vehicle turning up in 7TV. In fact the ‘Killbot’ profiles allow for battles between Skynet and humanity in 7TV.

Finally, I also added some guns from the Interceptor set to my alien fuel transport, as I can’t see myself giving the Visitors a Skyfighter any time soon. They are fixed guns which will actually count as hood-mounted in the rules.

So that’s another two added to the painted tally. Sadly, Wargames Illustrated arrived with four Zulus on the cover. However, I can see these getting used in 7TV: Pulp.

Acquired: 78
Painted: 38

I also went to Chillcon at the weekend, but I’ll leave the damage that did to the tallies for another post.


  1. Nice work on the vehicles, especially the interceptor. :)

  2. Well done on knocking all these out so quickly they all look great mate.

  3. You can't beat a Mel Mad Max, even though he couldn't drive the thing and kept crashing. max even crashed the V8 in the new film

    1. Well he is ‘mad’. I’m sure it doesn’t help with driving safely.

  4. Absolutely brilliant looking models Kieron! That Interceptor is all kinds of awesome 🙂

  5. Fabulous work on these vehicles Kieron, they're brilliant.

    1. Cheers. They’re all fairly simple, but I’m finding that with vehicles, less is often more.