Friday, 29 March 2019

7TV: Pulp Kickstarter

A quick plug for a short Kickstarter being run by Crooked Dice for a small range of miniatures to accompany their forthcoming release of 7TV: Pulp at the UK Games Expo.

There are only twelve miniatures in the Kickstarter and it’s a very simple set up with an all in pledge for all twelve, and then a pledge for just the heroes or just the villains.

All the miniatures have been sculpted by Ernst Veingart and are wonderfully characterful.

The heroes include the Crusading Crimefighter, Renegade Royal, Cynical Gumshoe, Occult Investigator, Intrepid Adventurer and Jungle Paragon.

Several of these are somewhat familiar from texts based in the genre, and my favourite is the Rebegade Royal, reminding me heavily of Princess Aura from Flash Gordon

The villains feature the Ancient Evil, Unholy Cardinal, Degenerate Monarch, Femme Fatale, Kingpin of Crime and Hulking Henchman.

This is the pledge I’ve gone for as the mummy and the priest will work with my Cultist cast (although I am tempted to build a pyramid), and the three on the right form the basis of a gangster cast. I’m not sure what to do with the bird lady, but ‘She’ will certainly find a home in one of my projects - if I didn’t already have one, she’d potentially work as the Sorceress from He-Man.

The Kickstarter only runs until Monday, so you need to move quickly to take advantage. There are, at the time of publishing, already two stretch goals that have been met, which add interesting objective tokens to your pledge.

Go here to find out more.

I’ve backed two Crooked Dice in the last year. Both have been delivered on time and with ta minimum of fuss. I highly recommend this.

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