Tuesday 28 December 2021

Changing Rooms

My bid to get all of my Heroquest set painted before the 30th continues apace, with all of the furniture finished.

I genuinely think that the terrain that came with Heroquest is one of the things that really made it come alive, and, despite the simplicity of the mechanics, added to the immersion.

It's one of the things that I think games like Imperial Assault or Descent miss out on with their 2D tiles, and one of the reasons I could never really engage with Heroclix and its maps.

I've not done a lot with any of the pieces, as a lot of the colour is added by the cardboard elements. The throne was probably the simplest to do, just going with a base, a wash and a light drybrush.

The two tables were done in a similar manner (as was all the wood), just with the support bar underneath and the central detail on the kegs being done silver to add a different colour.

The cupboard and bookcases had rats and skulls to do. The skulls are just Wraithbone with a coat of Skeleton Horde contrast paint. 

The rats were done quickly with a Rhinox Hide base and drybrush of Ushabti Bone, followed by Kislev Flesh for the tail, legs, mouth and ears. All of this was then washed with Agrax Earthshade.

One of the rats was missing its tail, so rather than try to mend this, I've just given it a bloody stump with Blood For The Blood God technical paint.

The rack is probably my favourite piece of the bunch for nostalgia reasons. Young me revelled in its gruesome nature.

Again, nothing particularly to note in the painting, although I did paint holes on the leg manacles (you can't see them here), which were otherwise solid blocks.

The alchemist's desk has a surprising amount of detail to pick out, including letters in the half open drawer. It seems odd that this has so much going on compared to almost everything else in the set.

You may be aware that it is missing the separate scales. I left these out of the box the last time I played (last year) and since that point they've been floating around my game room, I'm just not certain where theyvare right now. I'll add them when I can lay my hands on them.

I've done the weapon rack with the red and blue theme of my Bretonnian army, which is something I did with the armour piles in my Mantic Terrain Crate. It at least allows them to be consistent should I use them together, even though these weapons are ridiculously large.

Yes, I've just noticed the blue spot on the scimitar. That will be fixed.

For the treasure chests I moved away from the brown base to go with gold to suggest metal banding. I'm not sure it was the right decision (silver might have been better) but it's done now.

Of all the Heroquest terrain pieces, these are the ones I'm least likely to use outside of the game. They are the most odd looking and I have all the chests from the aforementioned Mantic Terrain Crate to fill that particular niche.

So, I'm on target to succeed with only the Orcs left to go (and they are mainky finished). Also, that's another 12 models done and a fairly low key Christmas (in miniature terms) has only added 4 models to the pile so far.

Acquired: 165
Painted: 224

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