Monday 13 December 2021

Lurkers From The Deep: Issue 1

The New England town of Marshport is the centre of a web of suspicious and sinister activity along with rumours of more dreadful occult practices. The authorities have gathered all their resources to raid this nest of ne'erdowells and shine the light of justice on their dark practices.

Detectives Maguire and Grant, and a small patrol from neighbouring New Haven, have joined the raid. The NHPD have been tasked with arresting Doctor Fiske, responsible for producing Fiske's Old Peculiar, a 'cure all' rumoured to give it's users a notably 'fishy' complexion.

This is the first scenario from The 7TV: Pulp feature pack Lurkers from the Deep, a Lovecraft inspired story of government agents tackling criminals, cultists and creatures from beyond.

In this scenario, I took on the role of the nefarious purveyor of a 'transformative' substance known as Fiske's Old Peculiar.

Doctor Fiske - Star
Hugo (Hulking Henchman) - Co-Star
1 Cultist with SMG (Triggerman) - Extra
3 Cultists (Bootleggers) - Extras

Meanwhile, Matt led the NHPD seeking to arrest Fiske and uncover evidence of his wrongdoing.

Detective Maguire (Amateur Sleuth) - Co-Star
Detective Grant (Stalwart Sidekick) - Co-Star
'Sarge' (Police Sergeant) - Extra
Detective Redshirt (Beat Cop) - Extra
4 Boys in Blue (Beat Cops) - Extras

Despite significant casualties on both sides, the game ended in a crushing 8-0 victory to the villains. Not only did Fiske and most of his henchpeople escape, but the police also failed an axed test at the end before they could gather any evidence.

Matt wasn't helped by one of the Cops transforming into a Fishfolk Devil on turn two, and the continuity error on the third page was the result of a cliffhanger card and allowed a weaker cultist to escape, which ultimately proved significant.

I have some building, painting and searching my miniature collection to do before we play the next scenario. Significantly I need to work out how to make a harbour.


  1. Great game report...I've got the 7TV system (mainly thanks to following Simon's blog. Have yet to play it though, as we use Pulp Alley a lot for our pulp games. I do enjoy Comic Life as well for creating AAR's Keep up the good work!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. I haven't played Pulp Alley, mainly because it occupies the same space as 7TV, not through any objection to it. But I find 7TV (and I'd imagine Pulp Alley is the same - especially the challengrs) really benefits from putting a narrative slant on it afterwards to explain some of the outcomes and events.

    2. Totally agree. Pulp Alley uses cards played on on other players or to enhance your own as you see fit. It would be up to the game to decide the narrative. Would need to keep track & make notations during the game to revisit later