Saturday 12 March 2022

Fishy Goings On

Continuing my adventures along the canals of Venice, I've painted two Lesser Ugdru from the Rashaar force from the Carnevale starter set.

Emerging from the depths to drag Ventians to a watery grave (or worse), the Lesser Ugdru are clearly heavily inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's Deep One's from The Shadow Over Innesmouth.

Strongly, my recent gaming tastes (7TV: Lurkers from the Deep, Arkham Horror and Carnevale) have all leaned heavily into this particular short story.

When it came to painting, I went with a Loren Forest base, a wash of Biel-Tan Green, a drybrush of Elysian Green, a wash of Agrax Earthshade, and then finally a highlight with Elysian Green.

After pondering different approaches to the eyes, I opted for my fairly standard evil monster approach of red with a yellow pupil.

The sculpts are really characterful with crisp details, but the resin takes a fair amount of cleaning up.

I actually based this one before noticing that I'd missed a lump of resin in palm of the lower hand. As I couldn't get at it to tidy it up, I opted to paint it red and slather the area in Blood technical paint to make it a lump of flesh ripped from a fresh victim.

Here's my Rashaar force so far (a slightly better lit photo of the slaves). I still have the group leader, the Magi-Rashaar, and the hulking Raadru to paint. However, as these don't turn up in the initial how-to-play scenarios, I will be switching my attention to the common folk of Venice working for the Guild.

In hobby bingo terms I've been able to tick off another box, but it's nothing to do with the Ugdru. It had to do with this guy that you've probably seen a few times before.

I shared it to the Benji's Hobbies Facebook page as my favourite paint job. I'm not sure it's my most technically advanced painting (I was probably more experimental with the skin of the Ugdru), however a clean and neat approach to an excellent sculpt combined with a heavy dose of nostalgia definitely makes it my favourite.

Acquired: 51
Painted: 48


  1. It's hard work trying to find just the right deep one :D . Your Carnevale ones look awesome! Years ago I'd tried the old metal malifaux ones, but they were stinkers and reside in the land of ugly, forgotten miniatures. I'm just putting the finishing touches on some Bob Murch sculpted Cthulhu 28s. They should be a good pick if I ever get around to playing Strange Aeons and will be excellent Pulp and Space frog people. They aren't quite as "realistic" as yours (Which I really like) , but they have an old school charm and Murch is a master of traditional sculpting practices. PS It's great to check in on your blog again :D . I lost my old "horrid person" identity and my blog so I had to start all over again :P .

    1. Welcome back to the blogosphere. There are so many interpretations of Deep Ones out there that you can pretty much guarantee finding one that comes close to your imagination.

  2. Very nice mate. These would be perfect for Pulp Games.