Saturday 26 March 2022

We're gonna need a bigger boat

More adventures in Venice from Carnevale. This time we're down at the docks where the one that got away has come back for more.

I've now moved on from painting Henchman models to the Hero models for the two forces that come in the starter box.

For the Guild it's a couple of Fishermen, who will add some sturdier combat prowess and better weaponary than the regular Citizens.

They're going to need it too, as the Rashaar are being reinforced by a hulking Raadru, which will take some stopping.

The Raadru is a great model and really straightforward to paint. I used the same process as with the Lesser Ugdru; although the bulbous growths on its back were done with Nurgle's Rot technical paint). 

Due to the compact pose, with the tail wrapped close to the body (which I suppose is to ease the process of a one piece casting), painting this model was a quick and satisfying job.

Somewhat less satisfying are the Fishermen. They seem to be much more fiddly sculpts than anything else in the box, with skender features and less well defined details. They even seem slightly smaller than the Citizens, which seems odd given that these are meant to be the more physical characters.

Added to this, the Fisherman with the harpoon had significant mould lines down his arms and legs. I've done my best to tidy him up but these two are definitely not my favourites.

They weirdly feel like they are from a different miniatures line.

The painting tally continues to head into the black with only two miniatures left to paint.

I really need to get some games played.

Acquired: 48
Painted: 63


  1. That model is a beast! I think you managed to clean up your fishermen nicely. Great looking figures all around!

    1. Thanks. They're fine, but I'm nowhere near as happy with them as I am with the others.

  2. They may be from a different miniatures line... I don't know which of the original Carnevale figures TTCombat put back into production and which are new additions. Totally conceivable the style and quality may have changed between the two releases.

    1. That's an interesting thought. However, the scaling issues don't stop there. I'm going to return to the point when I've painted the Capodecina.

  3. That hulking Raadru looks incredible, brilliant paint job. The figurines are extremely well painted too :)