Monday 12 December 2022

Boom! Shake The Room!

The mysterious wheels of my motivation turn once more and I'm back with the Blood Angels and the Horus Heresy. This time to add some long-ranged firepower to a force that currently has a maximum reach of 24" with all but one gun.

It's also the time of year where I rarely see daylight, and so the quality of the photographs is regrettably somewhat diminished.

As you can see I've put together a Heavy Support Squad of five missile launchers. There are only five of them as Pete and I shared a box of heavy weapons and a box of special weapons between us and so this is all I have...currently.

You might argue that the Blood Angels aren't really the type to be packing missile launchers, being more of the charging/chopping brand of Space Marine. However, in my single game of Horus Heresy I did feel the need to at least threaten some hurt in the first turn, and even if these guys get murdered straight away, something firing at them isn't firing at the charging/choppy dudes.

The main parts of the bodies are from the same sprues as the Tactical Marines, with the only real difference being the arms and, obviously, the massive boom stick.

They were actually easier to assemble than the Tactical Marines. Partly this is to do with familiarity; I've done a fair few of them now. However, unlike the Tactical Marines these models don't have separate hands moulded to the weapon that needed lining up, the missile launcher slots onto the right hand and you only need to line up the left. 

Much less swearing.

In terms of painting they were done the same way as my previous Marines: Grey Seer, Flesh Tearer's Red, Mephiston Red, with black and silver done at opportune moments in the process. The missiles themselves were done with Brass Scorpion to offer a little bit of contrast to the rest of the metal.

I've given one of the squad an augury scanner to allow the unit a free reaction to any units arriving via jump pack or teleporter, although I'm not sure how effective five missile launchers will be at deterring a squad of ten Cataphractii Terminators.

I hadn't intended to give one of the regular squad a scanner as I'd already modelled the Sergeant holding one (there's a specific arm for this on the heavy weapons sprues), considering that it was a fairly straightforward way of making it clear who was the Sergeant, as I was saving the plumed helmet for the other squad I have in the works.

However, after assembling him I read the unit entry in the Legio Astartes book and discovered that the Sergeant can't carry it. Added to that, by giving him a bare head and the black shoulder pad of rank, It would have been clear who the Sergeant was anyway, and I'd missed the opportunity to add a little bit more variation to the unit.

As well as building the missile launcher, I used two of the heavy bolters on the sprue to convert the weaponry of my Baal Predator as the combination of long-ranged dual assault cannon with close-ranged heavy flamers seemed to unbalance and confuse the tank's role. now, it has a concentrated purpose as fire support, pouring hot lead into the enemy rank and file (whilst keeping clear of pesky power fists).

Five more Marines painted (I'm not counting the Predator) and no more models bought again continues to build up the lead I need to succeed (look at me, spitting out rhymes!). I have five more Marines to build, which are destined to take on the role of being a Tactical Support Squad, armed with some type of specialist weapons. Hot-melty death is the future!

Acquired: 116
Painted: 211

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