Saturday, 3 December 2022

Deja Cthulhu

Is he going mad?

Has he stared too long into the abyss?

Dies he not know?

We've seen these before...

I can hear you.

No, I'm not caught in an eldritch cycle of madness incurred through brushing too close to knowledge of the elder gods. I am fully aware that it looks like I'm re-posting old images.

However, I'm not. I'm just duplicating things I've already done...which is much more sane. 

Why? Well, to put it simply, when I painted the first two of these McGuffins, they were part of a set I got as part of the pulp heroes and villains Kickstarter run by Crooked Dice.

What I forgot at the time was that I also received copies of the two most Call of Cthulhu-esque McGuffins as part of the Lurkers from the Deep feature pack Kickstarter.

I was looking for a quick win to add to my painting tally and there they were.

The icon of Cthulhu McGuffin was painted really quickly. Dark grey on the stone, light grey drybrush, black wash. Then a bright green on the icon hit with a coat of Hexwraith Flame technical paint.

It's actually probably more useful as general terrain now that I have two of them. They can make suitable gate posts or flank an eldritch altar.

Speaking of eldritch altars, the altar is probably less useful now it's duplicated unless I'm planning a scenario where two cult leaders give a joint reading, or the action is set in a beachfront library.

In terms of painting, it's more base coats, dry brushing and washing. Nothing fancy.

However, quick wins are quick wins, and I'm looking increasingly safe from a Christmas backlash on my numbers for the year.

Acquired: 116
Painted: 206

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