Thursday 2 April 2020

Gathering Moss

After the excitement of She-Ra yesterday, here's something much less dramatic.

Moss Man.

A character whose key appeal as a toy was 'real' fur and deliberately smelling of air freshener, this was not something that excited seven year old me.

I have to admit that I'm equally unexcited by this sculpt from Quest Miniatures. For reasons I'm not aware of it's been done by a different sculptor than the excellent initial waves and I only purchased it because I didn't already have a Moss Man and I needed to buy something else to justify the postage for another single miniature I was buying.

I'm still very tempted to pick up a Reaper Miniatures Sasquatch I'd previously spotted for use as Moss Man, as I really think this is a dull miniature. However, the character isn't massively important to me, so it's not something I'll rush to do.

Still, it's another one done.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 81


  1. Nicely painted even if you don't like the sculpt.