Wednesday 22 April 2020

Holy Cow!

I recieved the kind gift from a friend of some 40mm bases which has enabled me to finish off my Children of the Fields starter cast with some Mast Beasts.

These are mystical constructs of bones and robes made by the Crow King to harvest the lives of those that threaten Winterly. They also imply that the Crow King is a fan of The Time Bandits.

It seems odd that the Mast Beasts are treated as large creatures in 7TV (hence the need for 40mm bases), given that they are not particularly bigger than any other 28mm. I've explained this to myself by assuming that when they a spinning around with their sickles, they take up more space.

They are one of the easiest paint jobs I've ever done. I went with red robes, rather than the more conventional black, because I thought this might form a visual link with my cultists, which aren't based in the same madder as the rest of the Children of the Fields.

So that's everything I go from the Children of the Fields Kickstarter painted. I'm going to raid the bits box to add a few things to this cast before I spend more money.

However, I did receive four Crooked Dice miniatures as a birthday gift as the beginning of another small project which will see me revisiting a different Saturday morning cartoon of my youth.

Acquired: 116
Painted: 123


  1. Replies
    1. I saw someone else on the Facebook group do them red, and I thought I'd have a slice of that action.

  2. Now they are rather good, very eerie.

    1. Thanks, there's something about the way the heads hang that just works.