Friday 3 April 2020

Plenty More Fish In The Sea

You may remember that when I began this odyssey into Masters of the Universe miniatures, I created my own proxy Mer-Man using a miniature from Achtung Cthulhu. And I was happy with this.

However, shortly thereafter, Quest Miniatures released a cartoon accurate version of the character and I became twitchy about replacing the Ocean Warlord.

And so I did.

This was the miniature that caused me to buy the uninspiring Moss Man I posted yesterday as I wanted to justify the postage, and in Quest Miniatures defence, this is the standard of most of their range and they really should be one the first ports of call for anybody who wants to collect and paint MotU minatures.

In terms of painting, I kept this gs simple to match the simplicity of the source material and a happy accident whilst highlighting the yellow led me to give the whole model a light drybrush of yellow to bring out the details.

I originally had the spear as all metal to match the spear Mer-Man basin the episode Teela's Quest, but it felt too bland. The spear itself is a little flimsy and I might make the decision at some point to replace the shaft with brass rod.

The original proxy Mer-Man is now off to the world of 7TV to be an Aquamaniac.

Acquired: 112
Painted: 82


  1. Oh yes, he's a bit more like it. Great job and a lovely sculpt.

    1. Thanks, and it is. Not too fussy and faithful to the cartoon.