Monday 6 August 2018

Deadlier Than The Male

Emerging from the undergrowth today is another character for my 7TV Pulp project. This time it’s the obligatory, nubile, fur bikini clad cave woman that the genre would have is believe were typical of prehistoric women.

The model is from Antediluvian Miniatures and was really quite simple to paint with almost everything being in the same brown palette, which meant washes were easy to do.

Readers of a certain age will realise that this miniature is clearly based on Racquel Welch’s iconic cave woman from the film ‘One Million Years BC’.

I’ve not gone for Ms Welch’s famously red hair for two reasons. Firstly bacause of the red hair I’ve given the explorer I painted recently, I don’t want all the female characters in my burgeoning pulp collection to look alike.

Secondly, by giving her blonde hair she can, just like the jungle lord, serve double purpose as a character in my Marvel project: Shanna the She Devil, a character who was apparently designed to specifically appeal to a female audience...


Shanna is a vet and wildlife activist who ends up living in the jungle (in only a leather bikini apparently) and protecting the creatures that live there. Eventually she crosses paths with other heroes and villains of the Marvel universe and finds her way to the Savage Land  where she ends up marrying Ka-Zar, becoming Jane to his Tarzan.

She’s not a perfect match for Shanna’s ‘outfit’ (which is always skimpy and sometimes leopard print) but she’ll do.


  1. Looks great dude. Really nice mini and paintjob didn't realise I needed it until now :)

    1. I really like the Antediluvian ranges. Really nice models. There are more to come in this project.

  2. Nice work on your jungle girl. :)

  3. What a lovely piece of work, delightful!

  4. The mini or Racquel Welch?

    Both! :-)