Thursday 31 July 2014

Starting Small

We've started yet another project...

A couple of weeks ago, Matt, Wes and I went to the Joy of Six wargames show in Sheffield. It was organised by Wargames Emporium and Bacchus Miniatures and was a show focused on 6mm gaming.

There were only a handful if traders, but there were lots of display games, seminars and people to chat to. I really liked this format of focused show and it persuaded us to take the plunge and have a go at a 6mm project.

A rather intense discussion of different periods led to us deciding on the American Civil War - mainly because we figured that the painting might be more straight-forward than some more ostentatiously outfitted conflicts.

I was particularly pleased with the decision as I've always had a keen interest in the Civil War. I did own the beginning of two 28mm armies, but sold them a few years ago due to storage issues. I personally think that as far as historical wargaming goes, the American Civil War provides limitless scope for re-fights, campaigns and one-off battles. What's more, most painted units can largely be used across the conflict without worrying too much about accuracy.

So, each of us bought a pack of infantry, Matt and I split a command pack and Wes bought a house. I opted for Eastern theatre Union (which gives me an excuse to be crap for a few years), Matt went for the Western theatre and Wes bought Rebs. The plan is to coerce Pete into joining the Confederacy. In the long run I'll probably paint up some confederates too.

I've painted my first brigade: four regiments and a command stand. Overall, I'm really happy with them.

The flags are from Warflags and resized to fit 6mm.

Wes has also begun his rebellion with some skirmishers. Given that he's only been painting miniatures for a couple if months, these are frankly excellent.

So that's the beginning of the project. We're not sure what we're working towards yet, but I'm going to copy Wes and do some skirmisher and sharpshooter bases for a bit of variation.