Thursday 31 August 2017

Master & Servants

So I said I needed some Dr Who villains, so I decided to get some from 1971. Enter the Master and some Autons, ostensibly from 'The Terror of the Autons,' which was the Master's first appearance in Doctor Who, but the Autons' second.

Yes. I've been Googling.

The Autons are the, now unavailable, Crooked Dice Plastons that were part of the goody bags participants received at the Wargames Illustrated 7TV last month. They are a remarkably undynamic bunch, which isn't really a surprise seeing as they are meant to be shop window dummies come to life.

Because of this necessary lifelessness, I tried to keep the colours fairly drab, although I couldn't resist giving one of them a purple polo-neck - because all polo-necks in the seventies were purple (in my head, at least).

Here they are looking like the aryan Beatles...

To lead them, I have the Master. This wasn't a plan, it's just fortunate happenstance that these villains appeared together. The model is another from Crooked Dice, it's their original version of the Guru, the leader of the 7TV evil secret society SHIVA. It was a model which, until recently was unavailable as it had been replaced with a more dynamically posed model.

I was delighted by the model being made available again for two reasons. Firstly, it's one of the models that drew me to 7TV in the first place, as it is packed with character. Secondly, there is the fact that the model bears more than a passing resemblance to Roger Delgado, who played the original master.

I actually had a bit of an accident when assembling him (the model comes with a choice of three heads - resembling Ernst Blofeld and Ming the Merciless respectively) and clipped off a bit of his beard (don't ask me how). Fortunately I was able to fix this with liquid greenstuff and I'm not sure that you'd know the difference.

This almost gives me a starter sized villainous cast for small games of 7TV, and I supposed I could add some regular henchmen under the Master's hypnotic influence to make up the numbers, but I'm looking at adding a few more Autons through the cunning use of alternate heads.

I've also got some Daleks. But they've currently got me hiding behind the sofa in terms of painting them.

Friday 25 August 2017

With A Little Help From His Friends

Just a short update today with a couple of models to round out the good guys for my Doctor Who themed games of 7TV: Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart and River Song.

The Brigadier is the last of the Army starter cast from Crooked Dice that I had left to paint. I'd left him until last because I wasn't sure how to reproduce the correct uniform colour. In the end I decided to stop worrying about it and use washes over a khaki base until I was happy with the colour. Any complaints can be forwarded to the BBC costume department.

He's a characterful little chap, with a great military bearing - very Graham Chapman. He's even holding a swagger stick behind his back. As well a serving in U.N.I.T. this model will be useful in other military scenarios with the rest of the army chaps I did recently. 

When I first saw a painted version of the model below, I immediately thought that is was specifically designed as a 'not' River Song. However, time and a little research has proven my memory to be flawed as Alex Kingston never wore an outfit like this in her many appearances in Doctor Who. I thin it was the blonde hair that made me not realise that the Science Officer, from the Counterblast range of Bombshell Miniatures is actually much more like Ellen Ripley in Alien.

However, she also works as River, and also completes my team of companions for the Matt Smith version of Doctor Who. I now just need to track down a Roman Centurion who looks a bit like Arthur Darvill. I had intended to swap the datapad for the blue book of spoilers, but then I realised that I couldn't be bothered.

Sorry. :)

So I now have the Doctor, Amy Pond, River Song, the Brigadier and U.N.I.T.

Looks like I need to do some villains...

Wednesday 9 August 2017

"Even gods must die!"

Regular readers of my ramblings will know that a few weeks ago, a combination of good fortune, wacky scenarios and a small field of opponents allowed me to come away from a Batman event victorious, and my chief prize was a starter set for the new LexCorp faction for the Batman Miniatures game. Had I not won them, this is not a set I would have bought. However, it was a choice between Lex Luthor and Professor Pyg, a character I REALLY hate, so the choice was obvious.

"Why might I not buy Lex?" I hear you ask. Well, those that know me, might be aware that I'm a bit fussy about what qualifies as 'proper Batman,' and this often leads to me disregarding the more outlandish reinterpretations of characters from the console games (Firefly, I'm looking at you), and frankly all of the New 52 versions of characters. Although Lex Luthor doesn't fit either of these categories, he is very much a Superman character, and Superman stays out of Gotham (mainly for fear of getting his ass kicked...again), so Lex was in now way a priority.

Nevertheless, with my recent push on breaking out of a painting rut, I decided to have a crack at LexCorp.

You'll notice that the set features Lex Luthor and three, rather futuristic looking, LexCorp troopers. These are another reason I wasn't overly keen on this set, as they're a reminder of the overly 'sci-fi' feel of most of the DC universe outside of Gotham City. As such, I have already taken to referring to them as the Lex Marines. Having said that, I quite enjoyed painting all three, and this has made me keen to build up a full LexCorp crew.

Lex Luthor himself, is a very classy looking model. A simple but menacing pose that oozes character, clutching a lump of kryptonite, which amusingly has no effect in regular games as there are no Kryptonians in the Batman Miniatures Game, although there is a special 'World's Finest' scenario that allows Lex and the Joker to be pitted against Batman and Superman.

Lex was ridiculously simple to paint, with the trickiest bit being deciding how bright to make the kryptonite.

In game he might be fairly tricky to use, as his abilities are mainly used in the set up to the game, and he is worth extra VP's to the opponent, making him a fairly soft and valuable target. An energy field might not be enough to keep him safe if I'm careless with placement.However, he should be able to upset enemy plans well, and brings additional funding that will provide his troopers with lots of extra equipment.

The LexCorp troopers were a bit trickier, as I experimented with washes and highlighting to get a green that I was happy with. However, this was more to do with decision making than actually difficulty, and so I enjoyed doing them.

LexCorp Trooper 1 is a close combat master, giving him re-rolls in combat, which is unusual in a henchman. Combined with his reinforced gloves and Strength of 4+, this means that he is a fairly reliable source of damage, and should be good for threatening the higher defence models in the opposing crew.

Trooper 2 is armed with an energy blade which wounds on a 3+ and does that magic blood/stun damage that converts to to two blood when delivering coup de grace. This makes him ideal for finishing off downed opponents, including those who have been knocked out by the reliable Trooper 1. He also comes with the Follow Me trait which is useful for getting the crew moving quickly.

Trooper 3 has the only ranged weapon in the set, and it's only short range. This means that he will have to get across the board quickly to use it. Fortunately, the LexCorp equipment list features a jet-pack, and the fact that his hand cannon is a beam weapon that largely ignores cover, delivers three blood damage and pushes opponents, potentially makes him really good for chasing down enemy snipers.

All of the LexCorp troopers come with medium armour, which will provide them with excellent protection from enemy attacks, especially in close combat. However, the fact that they are only Endurance 4 means that weight of ranged fire can bring them down fairly easily due to the 'just a scratch' rule. This probably means that this crew will need to be used fairly aggressively.

In terms of building the crew, I have already painted the comic version of Talia Al Ghul, who is affiliated with LexCorp, and brings a bit more speed and range without negatively affecting the budget for equipment. To bring this crew up to 350 reputation, I simply need to add the Heavy Trooper, who comes armed with a...Laser Cannon!

What did I say about sci-fi?

As a final bonus, this crew is part of the Multiverse range, which meant that it not only came with the game cards for BMG, but also with cards for the DC Universe Game. This is essentially the same system as for the, now defunct, Marvel Universe Game, and so they may also see action against Mike's Dark Avengers, Wes' Guardians of the Galaxy, or even Pete's Justice League (if he ever gets the urge to paint them).

All in all, for something I didn't really want, these have been surprisingly satisfying.

Tuesday 1 August 2017

7TV: Scooby Doo & The Case of the Disappearing Dogs

A mysterious satanic cult has been searching for a suitable hound to sacrifice to Beelzebub in order to summon a demonic hell hound. Without a dog of their own, they have been dog-napping every four legged friend they can lay their hands on.

Upon hearing of the case of the disappearing dogs, Mystery Incorporated have decided to investigate. Fred has the bright idea of sending Shaggy and Scooby out for a walk as bait, whilst the rest of the team provide back up in the Mystery Machine...

I now have a Mystery Machine!
...yes it's 7TV time again. This month's bizarre plot comes courtesy of Matt's complaint that a Cultist unit allows him to have a dog handler, but I didn't provide him with a dog. That sounds like a plot hook to me.

We were playing the Race scenario, which basically has a mechanic to encourage players to run down the countdown deck quicker in return for extra plot points.

I was running a 25 ratings hero Mystery Incorporated cast:

Fred Jones (Co-Star)
Daphne Blake  (Co-Star)
Velma Dinkley  (Co-Star)
Norville 'Shaggy' Rodgers  (Co-Star)
Scooby 'Dooby' Doo  (Co-Star)
The Mystery Machine  (Vehicle)

Matt, meanwhile, was running 26 ratings (I was being nice) of dog-napping, demon worshipping cultists:

Sinister Mystic  (Co-Star)
Harbinger (Extra)
Cult Leader (Extra)
4 Cultists (Extra)

If he insists of photo-bombing...

The area where dog-walkers have been assaulted.
Shaggy and Scooby off for a nonchalant stroll.
With their prey in sight, the Cultists spread out.
Shaggy and Scooby make a rush for what looks like a clue.
The gang leap out of the van looking for clues.
The cultists are thrown into disarray by this surprise...
...and open fire at the Mystery Machine.
Shag and Scoob are cornered,
but disguise themselves as fishermen.
In a flurry of gadgets, our heroes run.
Fred creates a distraction...
...the jet-packs (yes, jet-packs) to safety...
...whilst the girls spread out to grab the clues.
Shaggy and Scooby think they're safe...
..but the Sinister Mystic pursues them...
The girls are cornered whist the cultists shoot up the van.
Almost out of gadgets, Fred ponders how to help.
The Mystic catches up with Shaggy and Scooby.
The cultists close in, whilst the girls cower.
Scooby tries vainly to help Shaggy.
Velma drops her glasses and is ambushed by a gargoyle.
The Harbinger unleashes an energy blast that floors Fred.
And in a further blow, Shaggy is knocked out.
Surrounded, Daphne makes a break for it.
Unable to grab Diva Daphne,
the Harbinger punches the van...and wrecks it!
Outnumbered, Scooby plays dead to escape.
The Harbinger seems to have a change of heart,
whilst Fred moves to protect his girl.
The servants of Satan close in...
...only for Daphne to light one up with a rocket cigarette.
Shaggy runs off wailing, "Raggy! Relma! Roh no!"
With time running out, Daphne also chooses to hide.
Suddenly the Mystic bursts out of the trees,
and blasts Scoob, who limps away.

"Scooby-dooby-doo, where are you?"

In what turned out to be a game of two halves, the Scooby gang used their frankly offensive amount of gadgets to snap up four of the objective tokens and gain a convincing early lead. However, from that point, their lack of weaponry worked against them, and the Cultists numbers and armaments began to take their toll, with both Shaggy and Velma taken down in quick succession, and Fred severely hurt.

I actually made an error in calculating the victory points, so we thought I was leading 4-3 on the final turn, and so the Sinister Mystic's hail mary shot to weaken Scooby was aimed at bringing the score level. However, I'd forgotten that stars and co-stars are worth 1vp per health they have, rather than one each, so the score was 6-4 to the bad guys.

Not a very happy ending. No wonder this episode was never aired.

Great game though...