Sunday 5 February 2012

PaK up your troubles...

Just a short post today showing off my new PaK 40 Anti-Tank Gun section for Flames of War. These represent my first ever attempt at painting camouflage, and I'm quite happy with them. I reckon that this will be a good unit to place in ambush in order to catch tanks by surprise.

I still need to paint and add a couple of shells and ammo boxes to liven up the bases, but that won't take long to do.

My Germans now only need their Mortars and a few more stands of Panzergrenadiers and I'm at the point I was aiming for with them. I managed to pick up enough Mortars today at the Vapnartak show and I've had some infantry kindly donated to me so I'll soon be able to leave the Germans alone for a while and consider whether to collect some British to oppose them.


  1. nice work should look good on the gaming table at the club

  2. Looking good. Have you tried a very light drybrush of 'stone' before you flock the base? It might add some contrast to break up the brown soil a little... Could be the photos.

  3. I know what you mean but it's not serious enough to go back and redo the bases on the entire army. I tend to store points people make about basing and apply them on the next project. I like consistency in my basing even if the original idea looks a bit naff (see my Blood Angels for details).