Friday 10 February 2012

So close...

This week saw me begin my push to catch up on the Blood Bowl League games I’ve fallen behind on. It’s a bit embarrassing that as League Commissioner I’ve played less games than anyone else, however, I am limited to one game per week and the leagues been so well supported that folks have been getting game sin throughout the week.

However, despite a decent start, the slip up against the Vampires and the bore draw against the Dwarfs had seen my progress halted. Additionally, other teams had used their additional games to overtake me in the table. It was time for action!

Sadly, the game I’d arranged for this week was against the run away league leaders, Crouching Vermin, Hidden Rodent; Stu’s Skaven. Stu has been trouncing everybody, and not just in results. His rats have been giving good account of themselves in casualties as well. There was almost a 250,000 difference in team value and I was doubtful of my ability to compete…

Slann Frogcisco 49ers 1 – 1 Crouching Rodent, Hidden Vermin (Casualties 0-2)

The Slann got the first drive but an all too familiar handling error saw the ball turned over deep in the Skaven half and the rats scurrying back up the field like lightning. They seemed certain to score. However, a trip on the line caused the ball to scatter into the crowd for it to be helpfully thrown back up field by the crowd into the waiting flippers of a Slann Catcher. A hop, a skip and a jump saw the ball carried to the edge of the end zone, but a quick check over the shoulder saw not enough Skaven within reach so the frogs stopped for a chat (to howls of derision from the Skaven coach). The Skaven scurried back in tie to see the Slann hop over for a touchdown. 1-0 to the 49ers.

The Skaven had limited time to score and the Gutter Runners burst down field. The 49ers got as many players close to the shifty little rats as possible and a lightning bolt arced out of the crowd to fry the fastest. The remaining Gutter Runner was unable to escape the amphibious net and the 49ers took their lead into the break.

A determined Skaven team set up to receive the ball again, secure in the knowledge that there were no more wizards to contend with. However, they were caught off guard by a blitz and one of the 49ers' Catchers hopped over the line, grabbed the ball and almost succeeded in passing it into a cage on their left wing.

The Vermin grabbed the ball back and set of at pace down the opposite flank, a lone Gutter Runner breaking free. A single Slann Linefrog was in reach; he hopped after the scurrying rodent and slammed him in the jaw, knocking him flying. The ball once again bounced into the crowd and was once again helpfully thrown long to where the rest of the Slann team was.

Scooping up the ball again, the Slann began a slow cage walk up their right flank, each turn doing just enough to keep the greasy quick rats from the ball. However, the march was costing them and they seemed to be losing a player every turn. The Blitzer and a Catcher broke free, however, the blitzer sprawled on the floor after failing a leap and the Catcher was suddenly the only target for the rats.

The Vermin pounced and the Catcher was knocked flying and the Skaven thought momentarily that their end zone was safe and surrounded the cage again. However, they'd reckoned without the Blitzers ability jump up and he leapt over his markers and looked set for the end zone to receive a game winning pass. To gasps from the crowd, the Blitzer failed to dodge away from the last rat and suddenly the ball carrier was vulnerable.

Knocked flying into the crowd the ball once again was flung back in, however, with only four Slann players left on the pitch there was nowhere that was helpful for them and the Skaven duly picked up the ball and ran in for the equalizer; the only consolation being that there was no time for either team to score again.

The 49ers proudly managed what no other team has this season, they held the rampant Skaven in check. They were helped a bit by the crowd, a wizard and a Skaven shoelace, but could also look to their own missed opportunities and feel somewhat heartened that they were the team that had come closest to winning the match.

A good game, and sadly for the rest of the league, it was clearly Stuart's duff game for the season, his next opponent can look forward to a drubbing. We both suffered from duff dice, but I feel that Stuart experienced his at more crucial moments, and the crowd were clearly on my side with the throw-ins. I at least feel like I've got back a bit of the pride I lost for losing to the Beaten By All Ravens.

My schedule is now due to pick up with Trev’s Undead and Andy’s Skaven next week. Both teams have been struggling to find form so I can’t look forward to any magical trickery helping me against them. On the up side, my team have begun to pick up skills at last and I now have Guard on a Lineman. Trev’s going to discover what the implications are of a Slann with Guard…


  1. Well done! I notice when Stu was playing badly last season he hardly played at all. Hmmm...
    I wanna play BB now. If anyone's interested in coming over I have a large basement with great weather and i'll buy the beers?

  2. Your basement has its own weather?

  3. He thinks it's snow... We should send him some head and shoulders for Xmas. ;)

    So any tips for when I take Stu on. I'm guessing with a 105 TV Im going to have a fair amount of inducements. So do I go... Wizard or spare vampire (remember I'm back at 3). If I have enough for both great but then for that price I could get Luthor!