Sunday 26 February 2012

A Rotten First Half...

This week I took on JP's Nurgle team, the Rottenham Tight 'Uns. Before we went into the game, I knew that the oppostion would play havoc with my passing game, but I wasn't aware quite how bad it would be...

Slann Frogcisco 49ers 2 - 2 Rottenham Tight 'uns (Casualties 3 - 2)

It must have been the stench that distracted the Slann as they were caught horribly flat-flippered by the Tight 'Uns in the first half. The Rotters received the ball and began laying about the frogs and pummelling them into the crowd at a breakneck pace. The 49ers' response stumbled and the team from Rottenham got another turn to flatten some frogs and push another one into the crowd).

When the Slann finally got their act together, they were able to get inside the Rottenham cage fairly easily and send the ball carrier flying. However, they were unable to capitalise as the Nurgle team retrieved the ball and headed for the wing, and ensured that another Slann was stretchered off. Another flying blitz into the cage sent the ball bouncing again, but again the Slann couldn't get to it. Antoher 49er was ploughed into touch and the Tight 'Uns got the ball back. By this time there were only five 49ers left on the pitch, and they were all on their backs. The Nurgle team trotted in to make the score 1-0.

With limited time available on the clock, the Slann panicked and were called for illegal procedure. They then forgot about the effect of the Nurgle Warriors' disturbing presence and a pass into a cage was fluffed. Rottenham closed in again, bt couldn't reach the ball. With time ticking away, the Slann Catchers hopped towards the end zone. The only way to get the touchdown was to go for a throw, again disturbing presence was forgotten and the throw was failed. However the ball came down adjacent to the Catcher who made a spectacular diving catch to score on the stroke of half time. 1-1.

Aware that they'd been lucky to equalise, the Slann decided to go for a calmer approach to the second half...right up until the pesky Tight 'Uns blitzed them. However, the ball was under no pressure as the Catchers flooded down field and a cage was formed in the middle. The Rotters and Beastmen were drawn off to the Catchers, and only a thin line of Warriors opposed the cage which rolled to the flank whilst the Catchers escaped their markers.

However, there was suddenly an explosion. A fireball had decimated the cage and the Slann all lay sprawled about. The Tight 'Uns closed in but their star Beastmen fumbled the ball which bounced to another Beastman. The Slann Blitzer came in to strip the ball away and it bounced amongst the Nurgle players. A Slann Catcher had to dodge into the cage, manage to retrieve the ball from amongst three players but failed to leap out to where h could pass to an open retriever.

The ball scattered off the pitch an was thrown in to the centre of the field. The sure-handed Beastman again went for the ball and again fumbled it in a position where one Slann Catcher could finally grab the ball and pass it to his compatriot in the end zone. 2-1 to the Slann.

The final drive and Rottenham had the ball. The kick was short, reducing the distance it needed to travel to the end zone. A cage was formed and the Nurgle team once again began battering their way down field. The frog tried in vain to leap into the cage to hit the ball carrier, but were unable to slow it's progress. An inevitable drive took the ball into the end zone leaving the 49ers no time to reply. Final result 2-2.

A tough game that really went badly to begin with, however, I'm not going to complain about dice (although I was a touch grumpy at the time) as it swung in the second half and a series of 1's when the Beastmen tried to pick up the ball, really got me back into the game. What I did notice is that the addition of a few skills has really changed the situation with the Slann and they're becoming a very dangerous team. The only way the JP could find to stop me attacking the ball was to knock all my players down. I'm beginning to feel a bit more confident that the frogs can now give any team a run for their money.

My final match of the regular season is against Kelly's Wood Elves. That should prove to be a bot of a shoot out as both teams play in a similar way.

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