Saturday 16 January 2021

The Heavy Mob

Almost there with the revamp of my dusted off Blood Angels, and this is the final unit that needed painting: the Company Veterans.

These are all metal models, and by far the most fiddly to paint in the army. They have chains, badges, medallions and purity seals all over the place. On top of that, they are a bit rough in places. So much so that I wouldn't be hugely surprised (as I got them second hand) to discover that they were actually recasts.

Like the Apothecary, I'd originally painted them gold, but really didn't like it. And so I stripped them and went for the more subdued veteran colours (all official, according to my 5th edition codex) of just having gold helmets.

The sergeant has been in the wars. Not only does his armour bear battle-scars (you can see them on the power fist and left leg), but I also managed to drop him whilst negotiating a snowy path on the way to photograph the group, breaking his arm off. I think the repair paint is still drying in the photo.

Winning the prize for 'least practical outfit for combat' is the company banner bearer. I can't use him as a Company Ancient (which has rules for banners) because lightning claws aren't an option for them. Also, for the record, metal lightning claws are a pain in the ass to keep straight.

The banner is a resized and trimmed image from the codex, but does actually match the 2nd Company markings of the majority of the force (everyone except the Terminators).

Until I was given the old Chaplain by Pete, this chap was destined to be given my spare jump pack and become what I believe is known as a 'Smash Captain' - they were apparently quite the rage in 8th edition.

Now, however, he's left with flag envy in the Veterans. The yellow on the flag was done with Cassandora Yellow over white with a transfer, because my freehand is rubbish.

The final member of the squad has the dubious honour of being the first to die. With no fancy weapons that actually cost points he'll be taking the hits so the others can keep fighting.

This unit take my number of 'elite' units to four, which is one too many for my current battalion level army. However, this can be circumvented if the force includes a Captain, and so that's one of the two models I still have to paint.

The Company Veterans will probably act as a bodyguard for my Librarian, and, as a close combat focused unit, are likely candidates for rushing forwards mounted in either the Rhino or Razorback.

This week has seen me take delivery of a couple of individual models. One is a certain Timelord sent by a friend, the other is the coolest character you don't remember for yet another Saturday morning cartoon project.

Acquired: 25
Painted: 6


  1. Fab work Kieron. Such classic metals. It seems recasting is so prolific these days it puts doubt on anything second hand.

    1. I actually got them over ten years ago, but the difference in quality between these and the Chaplain is quite noticeable close up.

  2. These Marines just get better and better.

  3. Nice collection of Heroes. cheers