Thursday, 2 January 2014

Building For The Future

Well, it's that time of year again that gives me a chance to look back on what I've achieved and look forward to what I intend to get done.

Let's review 2013 first:

Batman Miniatures Game - I started this in 2013 and I have to say that I'm pleased with how I've done. 19 Miniatures done along with three buildings, lampposts and terrain for my board. Here's the latest building from Sarissa Precision:

This was a Christmas present and an absulute doddle to put together compared with both the Dust Tactics building and the Warbases warehouse. Especially considering that it has more detail than either. There's still a bit of finishing to do, but Sarissa can probably expect more of my money.

Resolution 1 - continue to paint and build at a steady rate. I got Bane, two more Joker thugs and two more cops for Christmas and I've decided to use a few more Clix figures for my Penguin crew, so there's plenty to do. I also want to get more games in.

Flames of War - one campaign finished, another one halfway done and a bucket load of games played. My Americans gained an infantry platoon whilst my Germans got Nebelwerfers and PaK 36's.

Resolution 2 - Get the Lorraine Campaign finished and possibly play a big D-Day landing game on the 70th anniversary.

Zombies - Zomtober got me motivated to finally start this project and now have two dozen fresh shamblers, half a dozen civilians and a couple of survivors.

Resolution 3 - begin my solo All Thing Zombie Campaign. I've a couple of survivors to do before this can happen, but I'm very close.

Bolt Action - had a brief flurry with this, and Matt and I settled on these as our preferred rules for VBCW. I've half-painted a 500 point Russian force.

Resolution 4 - Finish the Russians and the two VBCW units that have sat unpainted all year.

Impetus - another passing fad that I need to return to. I obtained Sicilian Greek army from Bill and began painting, although I only did a few stands.

Resolution 5 - paint the Greeks.

Bloodbowl - I began the year finishing off my Halflings/Mushrooms team and competed in a league where I actually managed to win a game.

Resolution 6 - play in another league this year with a team that has a bit more chance of winning.

Star Trek: Attack Wing - one of three games that I've been lured into by Pete in one way or another, but I'm enjoying it and in my customary manner have developed campaign rules for.

Resolution 7 - Continue with the campaign and try to learn how to make the Dominion not suck.

The Club - our club, the Wargamers Free Company, came to an end due to the differing priorities and family commitments  of the members. Although disappointing at the time, it has led to Matt, Pete and I (along with Wes on board game nights) forming a free-floating mini club which is a blast as we are pretty much in tune in terms of gaming interests and attitudes.

Resolution 8 - try to get more games in with folk from the old club, which includes getting out to the South Yorkshire Dice Devils in Rotherham at some point.

Resolution 9 - Begin work on my War of 1812 US Napoleonics, not only to clear the back log, but to help give Matt some motivation with his British.

The Blog - despite a couple of pauses, I've managed to keep this going on a fairly regular basis and I'm particularly happy that I've started to get some semi-regular contributors on the comments. Joining in Zomtober was a big success and I hope this can continue in the future.

Resolution 10 - Keep the blog regular and be more active in the blogging community. I'm a bit of a lurker, but if I want people to comment on here, I've got to get out and do the same on other blogs.

All in all, 2013 was a successful year for me in gaming terms. I've not painted masses, but I'm painting for myself and achieving a higher standard than ever before. Most of my long delayed personal projects have got off the ground and I'm really enjoying all aspects if my hobby as much as I ever have.

Here's hoping 2014 is as successful.

Happy New Year blogosphere!


  1. Like the building! It's nice and familiar but a different colour to mine!

    Still need to do my Dust building, just have to work up the enthusiasm to do that...

  2. I take the blame for bolt action and attack wing but what's the third?!

  3. Good luck with the resolutions; and eclectic array of games/genres/eras in there. :)

    1. This is only a sample of how flighty I am. I haven't mentioned WFB, 40k, WAB, Black Powder, Empire of the Dead, X-Wing, Saga, Muskets & Tomahawks, Heroclix, VBCW, and Ludo (my daughter's favourite game).

      I'm nothing if not unfocused. :)

  4. Happy new year squire! Sorry we didn't get chance to game this holiday but I've been busy tidying and trying to get my man cave set up so I can hit this year running.

  5. Hey! Love the batman stuff. I am getting into the game myself. What scale cars are you using? They look pretty perfect.

    1. 1/48 I think. They're actually a little big, but the bases throw the scale out of whack so they look better IMO than models that are actually in scale.

    2. Cool. Thanks. I am going to look for some.