Sunday 5 October 2014

Zomtober 1 - Zed Rising

It's just about still Sunday, so here's my first Zomtober post.

These three chaps are Mantic plastic zombies I won in a blog giveaway. As they're a bit bulkier and feral looking than the Wargames Factory zombies I've used  previously, I'm planning on using these as fast zombies.

I have to admit that I've cheated a little bit as I'd actually painted most of these some time ago. I had planned to do some survivors, but a complicated week that involved flat tyres, train journeys, hospitals and wargames shows has left me with very little time and so I figured I'd finished these guys off to sneak under the deadline.

I still need to dry brush the bases and repaint the feet where I've ham-fistedly splattered grey paint, but at least I'm off and running.

In other news, I went to the Derby World Wargames show today. Lots to see but I kept the spending light. A few bits if urban scenery, some 6mm ACW artillery and a few Bolt Action pin markers was all I bought.

Expect to see these making an appearance soon.


  1. Awesome and on the button as well :D

  2. The Mantic zombies look feral and they are scarier than most zombie brand. Well done on the painting, the cloth piece is the most difficult part on them

  3. They're nicely painted up. What are they like on the sprue? are they as useful for conversions as the old GW Zombies of sainted memory?

  4. the three wee guys are nice :-) 3 down, 400 to go!!!!

  5. Excellent start, well done sir. :)

  6. Great job Kieron, they certainly have that aggressive, fast quality to them.

  7. Ooh, nizzzze! :) Top job painting sir.
    Never seen these mini's before, planning on checking them out. Cheers.

  8. Lovely job dude!
    The Mantic's have great definition, pretty good for conversions too.

  9. I've considered using these for fast zombies as well. They're just right, I think.