Saturday, 28 September 2019

Avengers: Endgame

I've finally finished off the last of my Knight Models Avengers, from their ill-fated Marvel Universe Miniatures Game (MUG for short), after them sitting part painted for a couple of years.

I was prompted into action by the news of the impending release of the new Marvel: Crisis Protocol game. Much as I'm very tempted, the game will be 40mm, and so not fit with my other models and terrain, and has a release schedule which would probably bankrupt me. Also, I've painted Captain America, Iron Man and Black Widow twice already, and I'm not keen on doing them a third time.

Therefore I decided to redirect my returned enthusiasm for all things superhero into getting a project finished.

Hawkeye was relatively simple to paint, despite being in a somewhat odd pose, which really doesn't look right when you're assembling it.

With Vision I made the decision to chicken out of painting yellow to fit with the classic comics look, and went for the much easier gold, which helps convey his robotic nature.

Although technically this is Moonstone disguised as Ms/Captain Marvel, as part of the Dark Avengers, I wanted to add her to the team as she plays a big part in the second series of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, which is my primary source material. Also, I really like the model.

However, as is typical for Knight Models, the arm behind her back is needlessly fiddly to attach and there's sadly a little bit of a lump at the join. That's why I'm not showing you another angle.

So that's my Knight Models Avengers completed. I'm really quite attached to them and although most of them don't really fit with my 28mm Marvel collection, I do have a fiendish plan to use them with another game system. More on that soon.

In addition to the three Avengers painted, it was clearly evident that this radar dish/super-weapon from my haul last week does not need any additional work doing, and it has already featured as an objective in a game of Dropzone Commander. Therefore, with no work at all, it joins the painted tally.

Although Wargames Illustrated again saw fit to give me free models I didn't ask for (this time it's a Frigate for Black Seas, something I'm a bit tempted by), I've also managed to palm off an earlier sprue onto Matt, and so this week has been a broadly positive for my personal challenge to 'paint' more than I 'acquire' (although those terms are getting increasingly loose).

Acquired: 176
Painted: 157


  1. Excellent additions to your Marvel range Kieron. :)

  2. Great stuff Kieron! You really can see how big the Hulk figure really is next to everyone else, wow!

  3. this is really awesome. everytime i see stuff like this, and really done well makes me wanna get into super heroes table top gaming. great job!

    1. You should give it a go. They're really enjoyable to paint as you get to use bold colours and each model is an individual.

  4. Knight Models miniatures are notoriously fiddly and annoying to assemble, but they sure look good when they're painted, especially to this standard.
    Funny coincidence, the Hulk (and you) made an appearance in my latest post too.
    Great work as always.

    1. Ooh...I shall go and bathe in the internet fame!

      Thanks for the kind words.