Thursday 10 February 2022

48 Hour Deliveries

Just a quick post about some quick painting I've completed in order to fill a box on my Hobby Bingo card.

These Crooked Dice drum and crate barricades are what I spent the £10 voucher I got for winning 'best cast' at Board in Brum last weekend.

It seemed appropriate to get something from at a 7TV event and boxes and barrels can find a home on all sorts of tables.

I've really not done anything special at all with these, simply basecoating and washing them with the aim of getting them done quickly.

I kept things simple so that they could be used in a variety of genres: WW2, pulp, post-apocalyptic, superhero, etc. I had no real goal for them rather than just adding to the range of scatter terrain I have available.

My reason for getting them painted so simply and quickly was to complete the 'paint a mini within 48 hours of receiving it' box on my Hobby Bingo card.

Given I got them on Saturday and had them finished by Sunday evening, that's mission accomplished in my book.

I'm not sure that basecoating and washing barrels and boxes was the intent of that challenge, but it's how I'm reading it. I'm also narrowly back in the black, so it's been a good week so far.

Acquired: 25
Painted 26


  1. Bloody hell that was quick its barely been a week!

    1. They were actually done the next day. As it says in the text. Which you clearly didn't read. :)