Monday, 21 February 2022

Digging Up The Past

After thoroughly enjoying painting my most recent Crooked Dice acquisitions, I was prompted to return to some of the small 7TV backlog I have amassed.

In the hunt for easy wins, I settled on ploughing through the Pulp macguffins that I got as part of one of the Kickstarter campaigns.

It's an eclectic bunch of ancient treasures for whip-wielding archaeologists, deranged cultists and hard-boiled private dicks to pursue.

All were done with a combination of washes, contrast paints and drybrushing and no fancy stuff simply because I wanted to get them done quickly. They are also based fairly neutrally to allow them to slot into different genres and also serve as terrain at times.

These two should prove to be suitable treasures that need to be kept out of the hands of any passing nazis, but will surely be guarded by fiendishly complex death traps as well as lots of snakes.

Why does it have to be snakes?

Although one of these is clearly at the centre of a noir conspiracy full of intrigue and betrayal, the other is actually more likely to feature as some sort of totem of power for the Ape Revolutionary Committee in Pulp City.

Also, those flowers are not immediately obvious when you start painting. It was a bit of a shock to duscover them when I thought I'd almost finished.

These two might very well be likely to feature in Lurkers from the Deep when I finally get around to playing episode two. They are also eminently suitable for a potential upcoming project I will discuss later in the post.

I've never been desperate to play games within the Cthulhu mythos (apart from Lurkers, that is), but our recent campaign for Arkham Horror is shifting my mindset.

These two are generic treasures that would be suitable for the fantasy genre as well as pulp, in fact, I think I've got some very similar pieces from the Mantic Treasury Terrain Crate.

Finally I have the film reels, which is probably the most meta macguffin, and is also the one from the core set. I'm not sure which sorts of ganes this would be used for but I'm sure I'll think of something.

And now for something completely different...

Every so often I get an itch to try out a new game, but limited resources make cautious. Therefore one of the Cheaphammer habits Ive developed is rooting through my bits box to see what I can proxy to enable me to give a game a try before committing hard earned cash.

And so, when the itch to play Carnevale from TTCombat arrived, I dug out these Mantic ghouls to paint up as Strigoi.

Combined with the Barnabotti I got free with a magazine and a probably something rebased from my proxying of Guildball, I should be able to make a 50 ducat force to put up against some of my Cthulhuesque cultists (for which I now have suitable objectives) to give the game a try.

I just need to find someone to try it with.

All of this combined means I've made plenty of progress on the Hobby Bingo card:
  • The macguffins have definitely been in my to do pile for over 6 months.
  • I don't normally paint miniatures from Mantic since I stopped doing The Walking Dead.
  • For some reason, the tick for playing a boardgame had disappeared at some point despite me posting about Arkham Horror.
On to of all this, I've put some clear daylight into the numbers of models acquired and painted. I am very tempted to invest in Carnevale, so a bit of breathing space should be beneficial.

Acquired: 25
Painted: 44


  1. All looking excellent. You have reminded me have most of those Maguffins to paint up myself!

    I do love those mantic ghouls I enjoyed painting up a bunch a while back. Secretly it appears I am building an undead force

    1. Cheers. I've just discovered I've got another copy of each of the Cthulhu objectives that came as stretch goals with the Lurkers Kickstarter.